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The Future Cries Out: 'Water Is Life'


The Future Cries Out: 'Water Is Life'

Robert C. Koehler

The dogs growl, the pepper spray bites, the bulldozers tear up the soil.

Water is life!” they cry. “Water is life!”


When I was a child, I learned in school about the destruction of the eastern forests of North America, but not a word about the much greater destruction of this continent's prairies. It was only when our family moved to North Dakota and, later, Nebraska, that I could see and experience, firsthand, the near total loss of one of the greatest and most productive ecosystems the world has ever seen. Still, on a quiet day on an isolated remaining patch of native prairie, I, too, could feel the power of this habitat. Not hard, at all, to hear the pounding of those hooves and the howl of wolves. Although I no longer live on the prairie, it is in my heart and the depths of my soul.

So little of this magnificent land remains. Stop this pipeline.


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There are two forces at work here that are destroying the environment.
those who support the Capitalist economic system.


"Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting" - Mark Twain


If water is life, why do so many people refuse to reduce or eliminate their meat consumption? Half of all water in the U.S. is consumed by the animal slaughter industry. That one industry is the main driver of climate change and water shortages. If you eat meat, accept personal responsibility instead of blaming corporations, politicians and capitalism. You demand animal food, they supply it. See the movie Cowspiracy.


Them and frackers.


thank you so much, robert koehler, for bringing this topic to the forefront! this issue is important on so many levels. imminent domaine? local north dakota utility authorities have approved the project on the ground$ that the pipeline will provide jobs to the community's benefit. that twisted logic is so full of holes it can't hold water! the project is owned by a houston based shell corporation who plan the pipeline to carry this highly corrosive sludge to the gulf coast for sale on the open market. once the pipe is laid only temporary and intermittent repair jobs will be need when the pipes corrode.

already the u.s. has broken yet another treaty as the workers dig through ancient religious and burial sites. democracy now! has done a fantastic job in recording the events in real time. as a reward for their hard hitting journalism, the county has issued an arrest warrant for amy goodman. so glad the d_n! team was there or it's anybody's guess how the mainstream media might skew the facts!

also, local arrest warrants have been issued for jill stein an ajamu baraka who joined the water protectors. jill pained a snake on the shovel of a bulldozer adding the words "i approve this message." oh gosh! how will they ever repair the damage?!

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Again, what is your plan to reduce the population and does it involve any type of gas?


The plan to reduce population is baked into our socioeconomic wonder bread. Funny how not enough water can be fatal and the same for too much of it.


Applause and congratulations for those who stood and won. There something coming to resemble an indigenous movement across the globe, and it gives optimism to see it--and perhaps one day some sense of solidarity and organization at a larger level.

Meanwhile, corporations and politicians have not gone far nor recanted their intentions.

In addition to activism, those of us who can ought to be harvesting and reusing water.

I have found Brad Lancaster and Art Ludwig's books helpful in this.


"military-industrial status quo and its need for endless growth."

Endless growth, that perfectly describes cancer.


Water is life, but even more broadly, HABITAT is--and our activities are DESTROYING the basis for our survival!

Why is it that those who manage this site continue to post articles by such clueless individuals?!