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'The Future Does Not Belong to You,' Climate Campaigners Say to Big Oil After Cancellation of 600-Mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/future-does-not-belong-you-climate-campaigners-say-big-oil-after-cancellation-600


This and many other fossil-fuel projects are environmental racism - the exploitation and poisoning of poor communities of Black and Latino people. Their homes, water resources, air quality, kids health and all their lives are all expendable to the oil/gas conglomerate, poison industry (makers of zyklon B, now pesticides round-up and others by Bayer and Monsatan - remember, “cide” means kill - all of us!) and the politicians that serve them rather than the people living (or trying to live) in the paths of these racist, vulture capitalist schemes - you do not see these projects going thru rich neighborhoods! - opposing these and other industrial projects is very much part of the BLM movement against personal or cultural violence, whether that be by cop or oil and other poisoning of communities of color!

We and our planet home are being poisoned by intentional or by-product pollution of our priceless water and air - by poison agriculture exterminating our insect pollinators, by water infrastructure neglect and profiteering that is a crime of vast proportions and implications.
The truth is we must unite to link our protests against the various forms of discrimination, violence, and destruction of the Natural World and our common environment - then we all will be in this together.


Let’s not kid ourselves here. If the price of oil was $80 a barrel and the price of natural gas was .50ccf, this pipeline would be under the ground already.
While we can take some comfort that protestations probably helped sway public opinion against this project, the bottom line is well, the bottom line. If this project stood to make a while lot of money, it would be completed. But in this case capitalist theory actually worked. Demand for a product is down. The price comes down with demand, then the producer stops making the product.
Stay vigilant. If the price of oil and natural gas rises, this project will be back on. I guarantee it.


This is a big victory for us in Virginia.

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Geo-Politics. Without tons of subsidies (free money) fracked gas would never compete with Russian down hole gas. The plan:

Send gas to east coast, compress to liquid (LNG), put in thermos bottle
ships, send to Poland (a willing moron), distribute to European suckers,
at gun point if necessary. But those pesky Russian and Germans got
together … instead of paying twice as much, build a pipeline.

Move troops from Germany to Poland, sanction Germans, threaten Germany
with more sanction for being disobedient slaves. Not to mention, disconnecting from the largest economy in the world: China.

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I have long supported environmental efforts for clean water and clean air in particular. I do not agree that this is in any way racist. It is a problem of humanity. Nor do I think having the least efforts to provide such to the poor racist but a matter of wealth looking after their own first. Every country, every race have the poor abused because they cannot fight back. Tha iis why I support for Sierra Club and other such groups is needed so they can be the voice of mankind and the poor especially which are most neglected.

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That was the funniest thing about the infamous 19 “bridge too far” Marcellus fracked methane pipelines: Since the industry couldn’t compete (shipping LNG overseas); since Williams & Spectra had yet to hook NYC on fracked gas from PA; since Shell, ExxonMobil & foreign investment in Ethane crackers, collection, “storage” systems require LOTS of taxpayer support, State & Federal (as the fracked gas pyramid crumbled)… Dominion/ Duke’s idea of sending our fracked gas SOUTH to fire hundreds of new gas power plants & run air-conditioners 24/7, hooking consumers at a much higher price point… as things warmed up from a couple million leaky 2 mile long, 10K’ deep failing cement jobs, annulars and casing. Well, I’m sure, they figured-in failing DJ welds by neophyte hands, untried, experimental procedure/ consumable, high amperage ac/dc SAWL welds, right as simular joints were failing due to “subsidence” as these pipe sat for 3-4 years? We’ve seen Mariner East and Constitution Pipeline delays get reversed, as well? I’m curious about what’s going to happen now, as the various principals go under and get 'et up by the multinationals? Who will clean up the Marcellus (rhetorical question). Sorry for citing the same source, but only industry friendly echo-chamber articles appear elsewhere on Google? The ethane line that failed & Mariner East 2, were from different mills.





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Let’s take the victory.


Next on the list:

  1. We’re the ones who are going to solar-heat and solar-cool houses and buildings. The newest addition to my inventions list is a different way of storing seasonal solar heat for all-winter heating of a university that uses steam pipes. Drake’s Landing community in Canada uses seasonal heat storage in the ground. Iceland uses slowly cooling volcanic lava fields for heat and for electricity.

  2. 100% renewable electricity too.

That should come close to destroying the natural gas industry worldwide. As a rule, if they use natural gas for it, we want to displace that usage.

  1. The Arctic meltdown is unacceptable because the tundra will release too much methane and too much CO2. It’s no longer what corporations do to us, it’s what nature’s feedback loops do to us also. So, either the Green New Deal faces the problem and inhibits the meltdown or the ostrich gets his tail feathers burned off. Those are our only two choices. Choose one. I have some definitely good inventions for this job if nobody else has something better.

I’m unsure as to your somewhat muddled meanings -. I think what we have here is failure to communicate - “wealth looking after their own first” WTF does that mean? it would be helpful to define your meanings.
Environmental Racism is a real thing, as is official corruption and the greed of great wealth; environmental racism targets and affects the poorest and people of color - environmental activism is also a real thing and deserves our support and hard work.

Those demographic groups are targeted for siting polluting industries (like plastics plants and projects politicians support for cash, and lobbyists who work-for them, can and do run roughshod over those communities, their health, lives and fortunes and all aspects of their beings - something that cannot easily (read never) be done against white and/or rich communities - very often itself a legacy of racism…
The Sierra Club is not what it once was according to some critics, compromising on too many issues.

i have supported and worked locally for water and air quality, against “development” and despoliation of wetlands, woodlands, wildlife protections, to shut nuclear plants, and more.



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Welcome to the PR firm, Mickey. Glad to have you on board. This is your supervisor.

Congratulations on your first post! I gotta coupla comments, though. First, your reference to the Sierra Club is priceless! Great work! Nancy sent out those reminders yesterday, and I can see you read ‘em. Second, though, I know English isn’t your first language, but we just gotta cut down on the grammatical errors and bad spelling. Your comments come across as fake and uninformed if you don’t express them smoothly. Remember, propaganda works best when it comes across as the reasoned opinion of an average person.

I know you have a family to feed, but we’re going to have to let you go if you can’t write coherent comments. I’ll ask Nancy to schedule another training session for you.


Welcome aboard Micky_K. Everyone is welcome but if you stay long enough you’ll grow some callouses. Keep your eyes on the prize, the November election. The CIA trained the Taliban to kill Russians, money transferred through Pakistani Intelligence Services (PIS) after Ray Gun nuclear armed Islam in 81, Pakistan, former part of India which is now fighting a border war with the Chinese.
The bankers who run the CIA used al Quaeda, descendants of Taliban and 19 box cutters to convince Americans to murder the Iraqis and steal the second largest oil reserve on the planet, all censored by corporate media. NO MORE.
Big Oil is dead. It may take another twenty years for the last convulsions of the dead but world bankers will move on to the next resource to steal. There are more than 5,300 US patents for “free energy machines” in the US alone which have been purchased and kept from the American public. Put a stake in the heart of Exxon. Put a stake in the heart of Republicans.


We shall SEE? But, it’s OUR profligate waste, inebriate entitlement & piss-poor impulse control, that invariably resurects these projects, like George Romero extras? It hardly matters, who “wins” this November; locally (with ethane leaks, blow-outs, lethal water, air & food) or planet-wide (with methane migration fueled exponential, abrupt & run-away climate change) WE invariably lose, as Buffet wins





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