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The Future is Bright: Millennial Voters Resoundingly Support Climate Action



Its easy to decide who to vote for; anybody but Wall Street.


Here we go again -- young people expecting rainbows and unicorns, only to end up bitterly disappointed when reality hits them upside the head. We're getting all the routine rhetoric, planning the pep rallies, already writing those articles about hanging chads and voter suppression tactics, just in case the Republicans win.

Politics isn't about cheering for the home team. It is dead serious business. America's -- and especially, those not on the right wing -- crisis today is that we can't answer this: Who are We the People, and what do the People want? We haven't even begun talking about that. We -- especially the traditional Dem voting base -- are deeply divided by class and race. We had better start expanding the discussion beyond the concerns of the better-off alone (those who are successfully employed), and take a broader view of the overall country/economy.

Who are the People, and what do they want?


Whoever "we the people are, and whatever they want" millenials and others better make fighting Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA their highest priority and put climate. race and their other pet issues on the back burner until Obama's "trade deals" are stopped. If they don't, they will find out that those "trade deals" trump all and will control the destiny of their pet issues.


There is no way socialism will replace capitalism in the US anytime soon even if Bernie wins and half of Congressional seats are won by Socialists.

The reason to vote Socialist is to counterbalance the uber right wing composition of the GOP and Democratic Party, simply to return to the more balanced (its all relative) government the New Deal created during the 1935 - 1975 time frame.

Voting centrist, or more precisely middle of the road, will continue the downward spiral of the 99% and has proven only one thing during the past half century: BEING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD TURNS YOU INTO ROAD KILL and the statistics for road kill among the 99% keeps getting worse.


So when in the last 30 years did what the majority wanted mattered?


While I think, that a Trump presidency would be catastrophic, I agree with you, if he did that, it would be the only sensible thing he has proposed so far. An alliance with Moscow would also entail an alliance with Russia's most important ally: China
Now, I expect a lot of flag from this but here is a brief factual summary of China's role on this planet. That role has an even harder time to make it into our media than Bernie:

All statements in this article can easily be verified through Google.
Compare that with what we have been doing the last few decades.
An alliance with Russia would also spell the end of ISIS in short order.

Please note that I have posted the same in essence in another thread in the Common Dream.


This reporter has absolutely no understanding how power works in the US.


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If we look @ the enormous crowds BERNIE draws nearly everywhere--mostly everywhere, and capitalize on that by volunteering to knock on doors, phone bank, write letters to the editor, hold house parties--in short, do whatever it takes--we can just possibly overcome the corrupt influence of Shillary's pal Wasserman Schultz, the MSM, and the power elite who like things the way they are==and if young people like BERNIE, they especially have to get out in droves to work for him and finally TO VOTE FOR HIM. And lissen up, everybody, take the pledge: BERNIE or GREEN. No to SlickWillieShillaryWhoNeverMetAWarSheDidn'tWannaStart----


Is there an old coot and cootessa 'millennial' honorable mention classification? These kids are 'us' but without all the aches and pains and prune juice! Seriously... These 'kids' are progressives about climate change and everything dear to a progressive's heart from mass transit to fossil fuel free in twenty.

I like 'em! Hope they vote because otherwise they are screwed. Like some soured souls who believe in nothing and care only about telling others that nothing matters so why vote... They didn't vote all these years and things kept getting worse. You think they'd have learned by now. Not voting gets you screwed faster than voting will.

The young should have hope for the future that they will have to live in. That hope should be in direct proportion to the lack of hope of the older generation whose f'kups made the mess we are in.

Did your daddy get all his hopes dashed by Bush/Cheney and the Supreme Court? Did your mommy lose all her hope because Obama lied? Do they tell you that voting doesn't matter because they were losers (and didn't vote anyway).

Geeze kid ... since when do you do as your parents did? They didn't vote... That's a good reason to vote right there!

Go Bernie... The young people want an outsider to vote for. They are hearing you Bernie... and it is starting to show too!


Where in Trump's history is there any validation for almost anything he's saying as a candidate in this primary/election environment? Trump's not running for president, he's running to win a nomination and election via the usual election-circus themes. He and his campaign team have stated zero ideas for solutions, zero ideas on how to proceed. Zero. Which qualifies him as GOP vetted. He has called for … “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” Now there's the essence of rational clarity and leadership for you. I'm lost but let the 'country's representatives' figure it out. His act makes for great frenzies and media rating$ and empty content. Sarah Palin must be shaking her head.


The future could be bright, if we are far enough away from the 50s scare and the elders that continue to push that fear.


Socialism is bad only if you are a multimillionaire. The rich are afraid of communism and socialism because they have no intention of sharing the loot, the stolen and otherwise ill begotten riches. Hard work alone will not make one filthy wealthy, you have to cheat, steal kill and bomb to oblivion those good little socialist success models like Iraq, Libya, Syria Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Cuba. But for every billionaire there are created millions of miserably poor.


I don't think he'd know socialism if it sat on his face.


The horror of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not recognized by the older generations. They were aware of the destructiveness of course but they were coming off the immense destruction and much larger death tolls of WW2. It was a later generation who hadn't experienced WW2 that was sensitive to the genocidal (satanic) nature of nuclear weapons. The idea of mass death on a huge scale and instantaneously too became an everyday part of life


Great, but probably way too late!