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The Future Is Female

The Future Is Female

Been a long year. But as one of our favorite signs from the march in D.C. crowed, "Still I Rise." Hundreds of thousands of people, largely women, will once again congregate across the beleaguered country this weekend to vow to do better and "grab 'em by the mid-terms." For inspiration, we revisit the #ICan'tKeepQuiet Choir, created by singer MILCK, who vowed, "I can't keep quiet/For anyone/Anymore."

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Legalize Empathy…Indeed!!!

May the women of this country rise up and take charge of our dismal existence to rule with empathy.

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Thank you for the coverage Abbey!
My donation to CD today is in support of you and the work of Connie Lim.

great article abby

Sarah Huckabee, Kellyanne Conway, Nikki Haley, and the Republican Women’s Caucus…

are women.

Just wondering, but do you have a brain?

Dude, the protest was on a weekend, as was last years women’s march, in answer to your daft query about finding time to protest. And how’s about them alt-y righty junior nazi dudes; how did they find the time to protest me wonders??? Hmm…

The economy is rightfully to Obama’s credit, btw.
Bonuses??? Hmm, tell that to the thousands of employees just let go from Walmart and Sam’s Club, just one example.

“fantastically improved foreign relations”, hahahahahahaha, omg!

Good luck here at CD, 'cuz I do believe you’re about to get schooled.

Love it. “Now you have pissed off grandma” Cheers