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The Future is Flooded: Seas Rising Faster Than They Have In 28 Centuries


The Future is Flooded: Seas Rising Faster Than They Have In 28 Centuries

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

When it comes to swelling oceans that threaten coastal communities around the world, it's bad, and it's going to get worse.

Sea levels are rising faster than they have in the last three millennia, and that rate continues to accelerate due to the burning of fossil fuels, according to new research published Monday.

"Our study is for sea level what the now well-confirmed famous 'hockey stick' diagram was for global temperature."
—Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam University


It might as well say, we can stop the rate of sea level rising if heterosexuals stop breeding so many damn children without considering where the resources will come from to raise them.

Good luck with that.


Having worked on environmental issues throughout my professional career, I found no advice better than that from a 1970's commercial:

"It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."


I have a quiver full of shit in my pants over the Quiverfulls...


Your USAn carbon footprint is probably greater than a hundred of those children, even living perfectly fine living standard (but one that does not include a car, freeways, and a 5000 ft^2 house) ever will be.


I'm sure different people have different recollections of this: but my understanding is that breeder was a label to radical queers who then decided to go breed ignoring their radical political activism


It is so easy to blame oddities and forget realities. Humanity has known for well over a century that full social commitment to public education leads to a gentle population decline.

Corporatists need an expanding population – US economists are urging China to get busy making babies because their population is now in a gradual decline (egzamp).


Mother Nature is coming and boy is She pissed!


“Hell is empty… all the devils are here.” William Shakespeare — The Tempest.



Did you cut and paste that from your "standard replies" files?

Yes, indeed, over here we have the USA, which is on another planet from everyone else.

Okay Yunzer. Here's a project. Go onto www.maps.google.com

Pick ten cities at random from around the world. Yinz can even pick twenty, n nat.

What do you see? I see cars, freeways, shopping malls, high rise apartments and office buildings. Massive skyscrapers. Factories, more shopping malls. Rows upon endless rows of suburban housing. Whether I look in Taipei or the furthest northern parts of Canada, or along the coast of Namibia, we see the same thing. If you go to the larger cities of China, or India or Russia, same thing. Pick twenty cities. Pick Pittsburgh.

So are you saying their industrial consumer products are made from happy places with no pollution? Or are you saying that the USA started it, so you're going to go tell mommy?

And finally, when people have kids knowing the problems we face with the climate, and then say things like, "Well the USA used more so neener neener" that isn't going to feed those kids.


Why do writers often translate one statistic number from metric and not another equally important one in the same article?

Sea level rise of between 8 in and 32 in? Huge range...why not take the rate from the first 15 years of the new century? The crucial variable that is left out of the article is the rate of rise, which must be available since they have updated the amount projected.
It does say "that rate continues to accelerate " which is obvious.

Last century saw a rise of 5.5 in, but then says it has rapidly gone up to 12 inches a century since 1990's so it cant be only a rise of under 12 inches unless we enter an ice age. And the article dispels that idea outright by saying it will continue to rise even if we stop all fossil fuels which will obviously not happen until we go extinct.
So, it seems obvious to say and using the basic math provided and what we are hearing about Greenland and Antartica will be at the very least 2-3 times more..so 24 to 36 inches at least.

The article is saying that Stopping all fossil fuel use MAY slow or stop the rate of increase but will not stop the sea from continuing to increase.


In related news, the extent of Arctic sea ice is just going bonkers right now. We're starting to pick up near-spring sunlight in the Arctic and we're missing 1.25 million square kilometers of ice coverage.



But this time her bases are loaded...


One wonders how long before the fossil fuel industry will finally admit the truth about climate change? Exxon and others have known about their impact on the climate since the 1970's. Their own scientists predicted this aeromancy of today's climate devastation a long time ago.


I hope we don't have to wait until Miami has to be abandoned because of flooding to wake up all those right wingers out there.


The percentage of radical queers who took up the cause of breeding is small, but if you have information proving otherwise I'd like to see it.


Actually that would be kind of fun to watch.


Given that global warming is a process that "feeds on itself" (i.e., positive feedback mechanisms are likely operating now), it will be difficult, if not downright impossible, to slow down, to say nothing about halting, continued warming (and its correlates). Given this, not only will sea level continue to rise, but our species will soon disappear (along with the many other species going extinct EACH DAY!).


yes, but what's on sale at the mall and what schools will the children attend this month?


Spare us the game okay? You and so many other commenters today don't even bother to discuss the points in this article but instead make it about population and then you add the obligatory fooling Mother Nature nonsense.

Off Topic wouldn't you say people? You folks want to make this a chat room here. We could do without that. Look at the community guidelines and realize that serious thought matters and chumminess does not.