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The Future Is Unwritten: Montana Pushes Back Against Planned Nazi March


The Future Is Unwritten: Montana Pushes Back Against Planned Nazi March

With racist hate on the rise, the response of the small town of Whitefish, Mont. to a threatened armed march by Nazis - complete with Swastika-bedecked campaign against "the lying, depraved Jew media" - provides a hopeful model for resisting it. The march and campaign have been blasted by elected officials, religious leaders, native tribes, law enforcement, progressive groups, educators and citizens, all standing together as needed to proclaim haters "shall find no safe haven here.”


Awesome! Proof that in unity, there is strength.


The period 1939-1945 taught us how to deal with Nazis.


Let's hope it's enough.


Dear Santa,
I know, its a bit late to make requests...however, I would be in deep gratitude if you and the elves could hack the shite out of the daily stormer's website and expose all of the rabble that support nazi hate, especially jam their funding link.
The cookies and a cuppa will be out on the counter for the duration.

These nazi white freaks are seriously deluded and dangerous fuks. Ugh, sickening.


True, but that was in foreign countries.


Sadly, what we didn't realize was that "Operation Paperclip", right after the war, brought a lot of key Nazis over here to teach us how to do it "right".
* Apparently, the government learned its lessons well, so we seem to have morphed into the US Fourth Reich.
* I hope We the People are becoming awakened enough to head it off. Looks like Whitefish is making a stand!


Foreign to the USA, maybe.