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The Future of "American" Is Up To Us


The Future of "American" Is Up To Us

George Goehl

We should be skeptical of the motivation and messengers behind calls for civility.

We hear people say that what is happening to migrants in the United States right now is un-American. I wish that were true. Sadly, American history is full of periods where children of color were routinely taken from their parents. Resistance and organizing, on the other hand, are truly American. In fact, many of our nation’s best moments have been when we heeded the call to stand down hatred and racism.


‘The Future of “American” Is Up To Us’

Let’s be bolder:

The Future of “Human” Is Up To Us


The argument over civility seems to be about “in your face” confrontations with political leaders. That isn’t for me personally but that seems to be something some people are willing to do. I think an effort should be made to make debate civil. It would seem to be counterproductive to follow the route of the alt-right and show a total rejection of civility and engage in widespread harassment. That is something for law enforcement to deal with. At a, minimum, opponents of the right should be out in the streets protesting lawfully. Some will choose nonviolent civil disobedience and be willing to pay the consequences in order to help the cause. I guess we need a combination of civility and less civil measures. But most importantly we need numbers. The more people opposing Trump and the right wingers the better.


“Debate” can be “civil” only if the debate is limited to facts and evidence.

The GOP’s success during the past four decades has been 100% smoke and mirrors, keeping facts and evidence out of the “debate”, and has now become so extreme that facts and evidence are enemies of the state.


Or boldest yet:

The Future of “Human” is up to the Sixth Extinction


Never again, must be allow “Un-Americans” to hold such high offices.

A “new” system of Checks and Balances must be adopted.

This goes for the Mainstream Media as well.

It gave Donald Trump free exposure when it should have denounced his absence of Morality and Ethics.


Of extreme importance are candidates who represent the common people in our local, state and federal governments. We need un-bought and un-bossed candidates and we need to fight for their election starting now.


Would we were ready for American to no longer mean anything much different. The myths coming out of the revolt against aristocracy have been much abused, and many more and less populist revolutions have happened since 1776.


Good thing you guys are a tiny fringe element in our country because your “new” system of checks & balances would be sure to include the old stand bys-cattle cars, walls and camps.

As for reality and I hope this pains you, here’s some news you’ll never see at Truthdig, KOS, MSNBC or for that matter, here.

First some good news…

The Trump economy added another 213,000 jobs in June. The Labor Dept also revised April and May’s jobs figures upward by 37,000 jobs.

*Even better news- 601,000 Americans re-entered the workforce in June. The economy is so good, wages are rising so fast, everyone on the sidelines wants back in the game.

*A record 155,576,000 Americans were employed in June, the most in history.

*Pay growth is up every month this year, with blue-collar wages growing the fastest.

*Because of Trump’s “Hire American” policy, even disabled Americans are seeing record job growth.

*The U.S. trade deficit just plunged the most in 10 years! And US exports rose to an all-time record. Trump is winning the “trade wars” for American workers and companies.

*As wages and savings rose, Americans spent less on utilities. Why? Over 100 electric, gas and water utilities have saved $3 billion with the Trump tax cuts.

*Because of the Trump tax cuts over $300 billion was repatriated to the US in just the first quarter- the most money in history ever brought back to the USA.

Now the latest polling…

*A majority of blacks & Hispanics want stricter immigration laws.

*Only 25% of voters want to abolish ICE vs 55% who support ICE.

*Americans are united in opposition to Sanctuary cities- with 84% of voters wanting illegal aliens turned over to authorities.

*50% of American voters favor changing to a merit-based immigration system vs. 34% who prefer the existing family-based system.

*Trump’s approval rating is up 10 points one month with Hispanics.

*Reuters reports young white Americans are fleeing the Democrat Party in record numbers. Overall among all young voters, Republicans are now amazingly tied 39-39 with Democrats. Yes, among young voters.(that one has got to really hurt)

I have lots more but gotta get-enjoy!


dream on! an article that discusses a just some of the atrocities of this nation and then makes believe we will become a different dynamic. this horror show is who we are and we will become worse not better.


Right on, Baybeeee!


Harassment for the police to deal with? Unfortunately Homeland Security had given arch policing to civilian forces in a massive way. Back ten years ago in Boston I asked about joint a neighborhood watch unit. Their were a total of sixteen for my block alone. They are active and they are aggressive. As a mass of people they stalk and deliver ear ringing, and microwave radiation among other things