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The Future of Social Security Is on the Line in Georgia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/23/future-social-security-line-georgia

I’ve little doubt that having Warnock and Ossoff in the Senate and two less members of the Trump Death Cult there would be better for the country and our Social Security program. Unfortunately, there’s no mention in the article of how Joe Biden has long, openly and even proudly sought to cut Social Security benefits, and then repeatedly and shamefully denied his well documented treachery. Warning the public of the dangers to Social Security posed by the Trump Death Cult is an admirable public service but the authors’ failure to mention the danger to the program posed Biden and his party is a distinct and inexcusable breach of journalistic integrity.


Can i ask anyone hear, is there not anything I can help with?
I do live in the UK, but on the one hand, I keep getting about one email a day asking for my help in Georgia, e.g. to phone people… which I am up for doing; but every time I say, ‘but I am in the UK, but give e somewhere I can ring from, and’ they just don’t bother getting back to me! I reckon I’d be good, and surely there’s some online forum where I can do it from, for free!?
anyway, if anyone hear knows something, please let me know before it’s too late! ANd if you know that’s not quite possible, then I would like to know!
Thankssss, Julian

He must be pushed! By US!


SS is on the line with Biden anyway. He’s been trying to kill it for 40 years. Now he is in the position to do it and he has hired the AHole who will help him

Biden Taps Bruce Reed, Deficit Hawk and Longtime Enemy of Social Security, for Deputy Chief of Staff

“You cannot have Bruce Reed in your administration and pretend Social Security is safe.”



More fantasy crap like the articles a little while ago suggesting Biden might find his inner FDR



“our earned Social Security benefits”
Not true because the regulations to qualify, gift amount given out, can be adjusted, changed any time.
The paycheck deduction is a TAX. It is collected and distributed simultaneiusly. It is not an individuals personal pension account.

One of six in Georgia receiving social security seems too high. Probably includes disability.

“but vital benefits are especially important to African Americans and others who have faced a lifetime of discrimination.” I did not understand including this without providing the reader more Georgia data for the black population there. Retired usually run out of savings by age 72. So SS is vital for a whole lot of citizens in Georgia and the other states.


Thank YOU! I’d thought I’d inadvertently gotten onto Kos or Raw Story, as now CommonDreams seems just another cheerleader for our blatant kleptocratic Idiocracy? Which DNC/ CAP or complicit shill HASN’T referred to OUR Social Security & Medicare as “entitlements” their slavering jackals have been conspiring to privatize since enactment? Why is CommonDreams posting lies of omission, cherry-picking, straw-manning & red-herring in such obvious prevarication? Did David Brock or Bezos make an offer they can’t refuse?

Everything is back to NORMAL! DNC™ LLC beat the Socialist

~https://www.wired.com/story/are-covid-patients-gasping-it-isnt-real-as-they-die (so was the 30yr old/ pox-party story. So, perhaps CD is just cutting line at K Street’s pig trough)

~https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Russia-Cries-War-As-US-Tries-To-Kill-Nord-Stream-2.html (let’s go to WAR with Russia, to save fracking!)




Oligarchic Democrats like Young should stop lying to the members of their party and the rest of humanity. Biden, who has repeatedly expressed his desire to disembowel Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, has just said he’ll appoint someone as depitty chief of staff who also wants to gut it. I’m sure they’ll keep saying they want to expand it right up to the moment they actually do get rid of it.

Biden Taps Bruce Reed, Deficit Hawk and Longtime Enemy of Social Security, for Deputy Chief of Staff
“You cannot have Bruce Reed in your administration and pretend Social Security is safe.”


It is almost impossible to push someone who wants nothing you have to offer. He should have been pushed ahead of the elections when our votes were a valuable commodity, unfortunately, our votes were given freely and unconditionally to the LoTE opposition to Trump.


I’m sure you are correct, but the other factor is that most younger people who have the opportunity, flee the southern states of America as soon as they are able to, leaving the poor, the retirees, and many older workers who have a bit of property and savings to make up a much larger portion of the remaining population.

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let us be real–Social Security was on the line as soon as Biden was elected–he has been trying for many decades to cut SSI–he and Obama almost did it with their “Grand Bargain” with the Republicans that fortunately failed–there are many video’s of Biden proposing to cut SSI --it has been one of his pet projects as a corporate neo-liberal austerity nut job for a very long time–just has to free up more money for the military efforts don’t you know–this is what you voted for --now you will have to live with it


Why did Bill Clinton sign the URAA in December 1994 when it was already well known that WTO GATS would put Social Security and Medicare in such grave danger just a few years later?

Oh, really? So, Biden can’t exercise his presidential veto? SS is on the line because Biden would support and sign the legislation cutting it.

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We URGENTLY need to pursue this to preserve Scial Security+Medicare + other public services and escape the GATS trap.


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NO its not, its a global attack on public services. Its being put in trade agreements on services. Biden was pushing TISA in Obama Admin, but we already have signed GATS, so its been in extreme danger for a long time, and now its clear its under extreme danger. This is a treaty, they are trying to distract people so they will bark up the wrong tree.

Public services are being withdrawn globally. Social Security, Medicare are in great danger.

Areas where governments have been protecting people are under attack, because the new treaties frame them as encroaching on areas claimed by commercial entities, corporations. This is explained really well by Scott Sinclair here. We are leading this global attack on public services.

See ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oR5ecPE0dE

Social Security and Medicare are on the line EVERYWHERE. Americns are being deceived on a massive scale, its unbelievable how shamelessly.

TISA is coming, and its an additional battle, led by the US in the global war on public services globally.


It seems they have already decided in one treaty to gut - bit by bit public services one way or another, ALL AROUND THE WORLD and have been working on that for 20 years and now they are working on another and they are all lying to us all on a major scale. Also it seems some or perhaps many or most of the people here are sock puppets, i.e. fake. Really, it couldn’t be worse. While we’ve been deceived, more than a million poor Americans have died before their time.

If you want to help people in the UK, tell them about GATS, which is the same reason we are losing social security is what is gutting the NHS.

If you want to save the NHS you likely need to go through the GATS (not gatt) Article xxi procedure, and not sell health insurance any more.

Also, despite your government pretending that your NHS is not threatened by the GATS it is and was from the beginning and that was your DTI’s negotiator’s intent, to not have GATS governmental authority exclusion apply to the NHS.

Similarly, they are trying to make it not apply to Medicare unambiguously here by “expanding” it cough

See WTO document T/C/W/50 page 11 the note from the WTO Secretariat on Health and Social Services.

Also the Annex on Financial Services, first section, all of it.

GATS is like a global war on all public services Read about TISA too. It was likely a huge mistake for you to let them Brexit. Because changing anything strips a country of grandfathering and when we created the WTO the rules were changed especially for us the most gung ho and extreme members… and none of these social services would be allowed to be created new anymore and when they are changed at all they have to be dismantled, like building codes. This is what happens when we have bad government - totally, all the politicians are captured. There are no good guys any more.

Also read up on TISA which is in many ways even worse. Pray!