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The Future of the United States Is at Stake in Georgia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/01/future-united-states-stake-georgia


Ossoff and Warnock’s best answer to the charge of socialism would be to offer some socialist programs that improved people’s lives significantly, like Medicare For All. That’s a lesson of the election results: that charge failed against every single one of the many Democrats who supported Medicare For All, but worked, or played a part, to defeat other Democrats labelled socialist but who offered not so much…


They oppose the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. They want to improve the ACA so that the insurance and pharma cartels get an even better deal then they have now. The public option is the cartel’s Trojan Horse.

If it is so important that these two senators be elected, they might want to consider supporting the issues that the majority of Americans support. Maybe their election isn’t as important as Jackson proclaims?


I hadn’t heard that nose story - kind of interesting - ~https://forward.com/news/national/451581/jon-ossoff-jewish-nose-david-perdue-antisemitic/. I’d love to been a fly on the wall during the discussions deciding to do this (Perdue’s claim that it was a software bug in the ‘filter’ applied is ridiculous and shows he knows absolutely nothing about how computers and image processing programs work, otherwise he would have come up with a better lie).

On the actual election, Ossoff sucks as do most Democrats. I don’t really know the other guy much and I’m way too lazy to do any research on him. (I don’t really have a high opinion of Jesse Jackson either having grown up in Chicago and hearing way too many corruption stories, some of which I think are true - also, I don’t respect people who have affairs either, especially ones that result in children - completely irresponsible). If the future hinges on Georgia, our future is likely already cast because I think it is going to come down to which effect is more dominant:

Some Rs stay home because they’ve been told the election is completely rigged - so what’s the point?

Some Ds stay home because they got Trump out of office and aren’t motivated to do much more.

Nobody is changing their vote but those who voted third party - and I have no idea how those are going to break (overall 10% more Libertarians in 2016 said they would have voted Clinton over Trump in a runoff, but that’s not necessarily true about Libertarians in Georgia).

Well, in the highly unlikely event that bright red Georgia elects not one, but two Democrats to the Senate, Joe Manchin has already declared that he will never allow a Republican agenda to be thwarted. I think he will just go Joe Lieberman 2.0 and go Independent, voting against Democrats even more often than he does now.

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Jesse and Bernie are in a contest to see who can sell out the left faster and be the best sheepdog/lap dog. I wish both would retire from public life. If the Democrats had anything to offer then they would have won five seats in the general election and these runoffs would simply be the cherry on the cake. Chuck Schumer offered up the same sad candidates and got the same sad results. I expect the same in Georgia.


The future of the USA was over once Obama decided to be a neoliberal shill.

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Georgians might use the same method to thwart voter suppression as they did in the general: vote early, vote now, vote by mail in ballots. Good luck Georgia!