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'The Future We Are Looking At': Wall Street to Begin Betting on Water Scarcity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/future-we-are-looking-wall-street-begin-betting-water-scarcity


The sick viciousness of capitalism has hit a new low—if ever there was a time for a million-person Occupy Wall Street, it’s now.


Meanwhile millions are at imminent risk of starvation in Yemen. A true humanitarian crisis unraveling in real time.




In the next ten years or so, there will be a war between the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian peninsula. And that war will not be for oil. It will be for Water.
We will see wars and mass migrations all along the equatorial regions in the next 20 years due to crushing droughts and unimaginable heat.
The 21st century resource wars are just getting started.


As one who has worked pro bono in Central and South America trying to help improve access to water supplies for both potable and irrigation purposes mostly for indigenous people I find the commodification of water repugnant. Water is a human right. Water is an ecological right. Water is NOT a corporate right. I have seen communities on the Bolivian Altiplano who have lost their historic sources of water–glacial melt, because their glaciers are gone. I have seen other communities lose their water because corporations have polluted it for decades. To trade on such treachery is pure evil. I have been in this fight for three-and-one-half decades and this makes me pissed.


Human civilization is entering its terminal stage.


Took the words right out of my brain! Hedge fund managers and venture capitalists are beyond the definition of sociopathy. They’re not even human, if you define as human traits such as empathy and compassion and a will to share what we have. These are hyper predators, and game the system to the point of extinction. Every time they run out of money, they come running, begging for help or the whole house of cards will tumble. Too Big To Fail! And, because we’re human and still have the desire to share, we give them more money to play with.
Indeed, I see clean air becoming a commodity in the most polluted cities in the world-Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City, where air bars will have clean air for a high price. Meanwhile, we will continue to pollute and make machines that pollute.
Since the Great Lakes are shared by two countries, and are coveted by the Sun Belt states who have squandered their water supplies by years of mining(cyanide from gold mining is invading the aquifer supplying Denver) and fossil fuel extraction, not to mention all those swimming pools, lush green lawns, and mono agriculture needing water for irrigation, I look for a new Civil War, this one where Indigenous peoples link up with the Great Lakes defenders to protect this human right. Shutting down Enbridge’s pipelines throughout the region would be a start…


Did you know that it is illegal in many places in the US to collect the rainwater that falls on your own house in a water barrel? That’s how tightly water rights are tied up. You may own the property but you don’t own the rights to the water that falls from the heavens onto your property.


Sadly, true. I don’t foresee many humans on the planet by mid-century. Just an educated guess… Many people tell me that’s too conservative and that we may have less than a decade.


Thanks for your cogent reply. I use to work in Mexico and have been to Mexico, City which is so polluted some claim breathing the air is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.


For market capitalism, there is no such thing as a human right. The only things that exist to the market are things which can be bought and sold, and thus the only “real” rights are property rights. As capitalism consumes itself, everything needed for life will become a commodity, until we ourselves are consumed.


But apparently even looking at Wall St is a bridge too far?

tapdancing christ, maybe shut down the frigging casino while you’re at it?

if Wall St is able to generate paper wealth on these “bets”, they’re going to happen. Wanna save the environment? End the bloody mechanism that’s making people rich from destroying it!!


Water privatization is a huge driver behind trade deals like the GATS and likely soon TISA. But its often turned into a fiasco. Please lets not do this, nothing is more evil than prepay water meters when families cant afford to feed them.

Especially in pandemics. Like healthcare and housing, affordable water should be made into a human right. But they are making it impossible.

The Clinton Foundation is pushing water privatization heavily and that is a totally reprehensible thing to claim is good.

Lets reverse the corporate takeover of everything, people. Neoliberal ‘reforms’ are all the opposite of reforms, they are literally reversion to feudalism. We didn’t make all the progress we did in the 20th century on health and infrastructure only to have it replaced with this insanity in the 21st.

Dump the bad deals.


And when those paper markets crash, they will be bailed out again by the Fed, transferring even more wealth upward. That’s the whole grift in a nutshell.


Capitalism needs to be destroyed… Mni Wiconi… Water is Life…


Multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Nestle’s and PepsiCo turned water into a commodity long ago.


Capitalistic society has already commodified a healthy environment, witness the sky high value of land in uncontaminated places versus the rock-bottom prices for polluted areas like communities close to oil refineries. Clean air, clean water, places not fouled with noise pollution are all within reach of the wealthy. The rest of us will pay crazy rents to live elsewhere.


Capitalists as cannibals. Sickening. Time to walk away from the system as in non cooperation.

Two books worth the read to get the juices flowing as to the type of society we actually wish to live in:

Magister Ludi (The Glass Bead Game), Herman Hesse

Small Is Beautiful, E.F. Schumacher


"Some of them were angry at the way the earth was abused by the men who tried to forge her beauty into power

And they struggled to protect her from them only to be confused by the magnitude of her fury in the final hour". -. Jackson Brown