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The G20’s Silent Storm


The G20’s Silent Storm

Lacy MacAuley

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Next week, the world leaders of the most powerful 20 countries will convene in closed-door meetings in the tiny Mediterranean resort town of Belek, Turkey, a short distance from the burgeoning city of Antalya. What kinds of protests will happen in the streets? Not a lot

But don’t be fooled. The G20 shouldn’t be ignored. Powerful storm clouds are gathering over the Mediterranean, as President Obama, Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping, Vladamir Putin, and other heads of state converge upon Turkey.


So, at the end of the G20 conference in 2014, 4.5 billion dollars were pledged to the UN Green Climate Fund. This year, the G20 countries will be negotiating an industrial infrastructure deal that could reach 80 trillion dollars?

I wonder which will have the larger impact on global environment?

Until renewable energy becomes Big Business, the climate will not receive fair representation at G20 conferences. I expect the climate issue will be kicked down to the COP this year, freeing the G20 from any internal pressure to discuss climate in a meaningful way. The new trade pacts will take priority and any agreements reached will inherently limit changes in energy policy that could negatively effect the partner economies.

In short, expect no meaningful climate news from G20 and expect COP to produce non-binding emissions reduction pledges through 2035.


G20 = oligarchy


I may fear it but I won't expect it. That sounds too much like giving up which is a self-fulfilling act.


You listed the European Union as a country. Then you listed France and Germany separate from that. I am confused. Is the EU considered a country for this purpose?


ditto natureboy