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The Gates Foundation vs. the World Social Forum: A Tale of Two Meetings


The Gates Foundation vs. the World Social Forum: A Tale of Two Meetings

Morten Thaysen

This week the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID hosted a meeting in London with big agribusinesses to discuss strategies to increase corporate control over seeds in Africa. The location of the meeting was secret. So was the agenda. Attendance was strictly invite-only and nobody who even came close to representing African small farmers was invited.


Does anyone need any more proof that the Gates Foundation is a phony charity?

Everyone is familiar with the maxim that having only a hammer in your tool box makes every problem look like a nail.

Expecting corporate types to act as anything other than corporate tools is an exercise in foolishness. Even a cursory look at his past will show Gates to be one of the most ruthless businessmen in recent history. He does nothing without a eye on his bottom line. People who say that marriage has made him a kinder, gentler corporate monster have probably been paid to do so.



Too bad we are limited to one “like”. This deserves infinity “likes”.


I think it’s a rather narrow piece of analysis. Of course, it’s true; but what is unique in expressing this perspective? The really chilling thing about Gates and his foundation is that he has the money, influence, and clout to further a Machine Model of the world that imbues public education with a form of mind cloning (via standardized tests enforced under strict, one size fits all protocols); and he also pushes vaccines which, taken in such diverse combinations, cause weaknesses in the genetics and/or immune systems (added to Autism) in lots of kids.

Control of the food system extends beyond profits in that hungry people can be controlled.

Gates is anti-democratic and a natural-born authoritarian who WANTS the world’s people under HIS (and his colleagues’) control.

The machine model imposed onto nature is as lethal to ecosystems as war is to people, and both models are those preferred by The Dominator Mindset.

This SOB is now pursuing ways to alter the atmosphere and other dangerous inversions of subtle systems that don’t always play true to manmade computer modeling.

To only view the problem through the prism of profits is to limit the field of harm (not to mention, conjecture) immeasurably. Thus the analysis is telling for what it obscures. One “like” is sufficient, an infinite number, the work of a fellow tag team member… artificially boosting ratings.



By the way, I wasn’t aware that you and I are a “tag team.” I must have missed the email.




During the past 20 years I have read/seen mainstream media interviews with the PR consultants that Gates and other billionaires routinely retain (at hourly billing rates that make attorneys green with envy) to create and maintain their image.

Can you say smoke and mirrors ?


I still believe that Gates’ marriage is a PR stunt. The thought that this greedhead could actually care about another person is laughable.



I give credit where credit is due… Newton was also an alchemist, but it didn’t make him wrong about his Laws of Motion.

Not that you’re often “wrong” in my humble opinion, but when you’re right, you’re right!

Good ideas need support.


Now that you mention it, I recall hearing Gate’s PR women interviewed on NPR right before he announced the wedding…she no doubt counseled him to develop a family persona. During that timeframe a carpenter friend working on the construction of Gate’s Medina WA mansion mentioned that they had to jackhammer out many yards of concrete to add several thousand square feet of closet space for the wife’s wardrobe since Bill had only specified a few hundred square feet of closet space in a nearly 50,000 square foot house.