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The Geopolitics of American Global Decline


The Geopolitics of American Global Decline

Alfred W. McCoy

For even the greatest of empires, geography is often destiny. You wouldn’t know it in Washington, though. America’s political, national security, and foreign policy elites continue to ignore the basics of geopolitics that have shaped the fate of world empires for the past 500 years. Consequently, they have missed the significance of the rapid global changes in Eurasia that are in the process of undermining the grand strategy for world dominion that Washington has pursued these past seven decades.


The U.S. Pivot To Asia is stalled, by a host of closer regions following a Chinese strategy, which leaves it a " barbarian at the gates " to a 4 Billion and growing market, in the real Inland Empire. Of course, we burnt our bridges to South America with our mercenary and bloody tactics, too. Of course, China is picking up the pieces there and building a better American Dream than America had planned for those folks. so go figure Fascinating overview of what may become of a world most of us we’ll only see through a foggy imagination. Or on the TEEVEE. We 99% Americans will be so broke by all this Empire building and military adventurism/backfilling we won’t even be able to buy the travel brochures. Not that anyone in Washington, D.C. and Wall Street gives two sxxts about that. They ‘re to busy trying to fry a 6ft. fish in a 12’’ skillet, so to speak.


Other realities far removed from Kissinger’s nauseating form of leadership of “courage, dignity, and conviction,” (stupidly, cowardly attacking and killing thousands of innocents, lying to get US into spending trillions in a war for his oil cronies and war profiteers, and believing that God speaks to him) personified by the idiot George W. Bush.

A new reality could be a New World Order comprised not of nations at each other’s throats. It could be an electronic World Direct Democracy where every world citizen has a vote in making the laws of his town, city, state, country and the world. A world ruled by all its citizens instead of by morons like Bush, conservative politicians and oligarchs with fruitcakes like Kissinger in control.


China plays “Go”; the USA plays chess, badly.

Russia, funnily enough, could well have been a useful ally of the USA.

But not to worry; global warming is the petard awaiting hoisting by industrial giants such as China; when the Yangtse and Yellow Rivers back up because of sea-level rise, and Shanghai is lost to flooding…

There is a glacier on Mt Kenya named after Mackinder; global warming is melting it.


There are plenty of fruitcakes and oligarchs in China.


Some of us use a different math: “In the age of sea power that lasted just over 400 years – from 1602 to the Washington Disarmament Conference of 1922 -…” Just over how many hundreds of years?!

At any rate, it is now clear: both dominant US parties are increasingly irrelevant, and remain relevant only to the extent they out-stupid one another.

The US has been adrift since RR came to power, and daily drifts more wildly.


Mackinder may be melting; yet, that melt may only be for the idiots who do not see that he pointed out the geopolitical obvious.

Yes, the climate issue will dominate rising Chinese as well as declining US imperious pretensions. And unlike the US, China is dealing with their part of it systematically and with increasing funding and rigor.

The Chinese are also keeping their oligarchs within manageable range. The US is dominated by its oligarchs. Thus the rapidly increasing rate of imperial decline.


I rather think that the Chinese oligarchs are keeping the Chinese within manageable range, albeit that the range of the Chinese oligarchs is world-wide…


I rather think that China is putting its mouth where the money is. If this means making money by reducing health costs by reducing pollution from coal-fired power stations, they will “go green”. However, China, or the Chinese, are going to put an awful lot of cars on their roads and even if they are gee-whiz electrical cars, the electricity to run them has to come from somewhere and I will bet it won’t just be from sun and wind. China is building enough gas pipelines to assorted places to ensure it has plenty of hydrocarbons to burn.

China is not an idealist’s country, but a rather nasty and brutal (and now expansionist) police state that makes the USA, vile warts that it has, look good (I know that is hard).