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The Geopolitics of Generosity


The Geopolitics of Generosity

James McEnteer

On April 16, Ecuador suffered an earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter scale. One week later, the death toll stood at 656, with more than twelve thousand injuries reported and more than fifty people still missing. Hundreds of aftershocks, some very powerful, continue to shake the country’s northwest coast and cause more damage.

The day after the disaster, aid began arriving from Ecuador’s Latin American neighbors: Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. Quick responses were crucial, as hundreds of people were still missing, many trapped in crumbling rubble.


Hmmm…it seems that MacEnteer cannot avoid the same kind of politics either, as his only references to China is about that country’s “drilling rights” and "the Chinese are not known for their scrupulous environmental stewardship.” MacEnteer should also elaborate on other capitalist countries’ respect for environmental stewardship, especially when it comes to investment in Latin America.

Anyway, China did respond quickly to the earthquake: it gave the Ecuadorian government 2 million U.S. dollars as well as sending 10 truckloads of food and water, cots and tents for the homeless in the affected areas, including a mobile emergency-care facility to help the victims. Private Chinese companies have also donated 138K USD in cash and humanitarian support such as beds, mosquito nets, disinfectants,, food and water and helped re-establish transportation and electricity. Ecuadorian Foreign Affairs Minister Guillaume Long recognized this and commented that China was “one of the countries that most quickly responded to the emergency in Ecuador.”



Since most of what passes for U.S. Aid (under Mars rules) is weapons, soldiers, and the means to deploy both... maybe the lack of U.S. aid is a blessing in disguise.


Correra's not running in 2017 is certainly not good news for Assange.


Hope he changes his mind: Leftist leaders are being attacked one by one and the improvements we see in the daily lives of Latin American peoples might end soon. Also, Assange needs all the options he's having to survive the unfair siege he's facing from so-called "democratic" governments.


A little over a year ago I searched all the financial publications about Ecuador and found only one small article in The Economist about cell phone money. With all the leftist social programs that had brought the poverty levels to new lows and the use of a publicly owned central bank to produce interest free US dollars just like BofA and the Fed create interest bearing USDs I thought I would see attacks against Ecuador and Correa like those against Chavez, Morales, Lula, Maduro et al NADA. I was perplexed. Most knowledgable Ecuadorians told me it was because Ecuador is so small. Nothing is too small for the parasites on Wall Street. Correa's actions lately have let me know that the reason he wasn't attacked is that they knew all along he was in their pocket. He has been following the recommendations of the IMF in its Oct. 2015 report to the letter. http://www.imf.org/external/np/sec/pr/2015/pr15475.htm
I hear that the import taxes that are mentioned in the article will be eliminated in June basically opening Ecuador's economy to uncontrolled exploitation. Correa is so smart that he has fooled most about his allegiances. The social democratic programs that were instituted in the last nine years has increased the wealth of Ecuador substantially and now that wealth will be ripe for the parasites, Since the Central Bank of Ecuador has been shut down as a source of financing, Ecuador will have to look to taxes and outside financing (Wall Street, IMF, World Bank) and when it can't pay will have to auction off the assets and infrastructure it has accumulated at bargain prices, This drama has been replayed many times in many countries world wide and it sad to see it happen here in Ecuador


And China basically owns Ecuador's oil production. China does nothing without looking at the main prize down the track; ownership. Anyone who thinks that the Chinese Oligarchy constitutes a benevolent organisation for the betterment of humanity is cerainly wearing strange spectacles.

The USA bombs; China buys; who buys, wins.


Basically, China has become a capitalist nation, with all that implies. Altruism and self-interest are never far apart.


Sadly that's what happens to most small, weak countries. It was what John Perkins has said all over again.


The US has also tied aid programs to a given country accepting GMOS and Monsanto products.


You're right. Thanks for pointing that out. I would expect to placate big Pharma, they'd also add vaccine programs.