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The Get-Off-My-Lawn Party Meets in Cleveland


The Get-Off-My-Lawn Party Meets in Cleveland

Michael Winship

Oh dear. Watching C-SPAN and waiting for Tuesday’s roll call confirming Donald Trump’s nomination to begin, the house band there in the hall, led by GE Smith, formerly of Saturday Night Live, played covers of The Temptations’ “I Can’t Get Next To You” and other golden oldies. Many rhythm-impaired white people were dancing in the aisles and stands, a lot of them badly. And they kept doing it every time there was a lull in the action and the music started up again, like a high school 50th reunion run amok.


Considering the party of aging baby boomers (Dems) has alienated an entire generation of millennials to nominate the personification of the status quo, the "Get off my lawn" meme seems misplaced. The Republicans are more like the KKK with their sheets off. The Dems are more like that mean old guy who won't give you back your ball.


It's the fear of change added to a fear of life itself that has this group clinging to the embellished memory of what was: The Good Ole Days.

Those "good ole days" had women at home and children who never talked back. Black citizens "knew their places" and there weren't many Hispanic "illegal aliens" working in America's shops, fields, and construction sites.

There weren't many prisons, either.

And after those wild 60s, society fell into ORDER.

THAT is the view these individuals hold. They want life to simulate a l950s TV show like "Donna Reed" or "Father Knows Best" or "Leave it To Beaver."

For them, the world has gone to rot and ruin with gay people everywhere, kids all tatoo'd, women looking like men and men looking like women, the mom and pop shops all closed up around Main Street.

It's disorienting; and there's a seduction for the safety of the past that lures them like Odysseus' ship to the rocks at the sound of the Sirens.

I attended a powerful trance mediumship workshop about 18 years ago and an interesting Presence spoke through the medium and said:

"Many want oblivion. An end to it all."

In those words I gained the understanding of why so many millions cling to an End Times fascination that insists that the very God of Creation wishes to bring this (wicked) world to ruin.

They see in the freedom of others, the way others don't confine themselves to narrow rules, their version of the wickedness that "god" will punish.

And punishment is really critical to their religious philosophy and the type of god that would deliver that. (Jesus, to the contrary, taught Compassion as his foremost teaching.)

So these old timers and what I call "Reverse the Clockers" don't recognize the world in its current form. For them, all of the strange expressions seem to come from a source other than "God." Remember, they have a very strict concept of what the orderly "father knows best" society (and American family) should look like.

And even if Trump doesn't win, it's critical that free thinkers take in what it means that MILLIONS of our fellow citizens embrace a worldview that has NO tolerance of freedom, human differences, beliefs that depart from the ruling orthodoxy; and also, that they are very aligned with their guns, very likely to wear "law and order" uniforms, and very sure that it's god's will that they take aim and punish/kill those that are not following (their version of) "his" will.

VERY scary. And this Energy is rising (in some). I think it reaches a crescendo from January 2018 until December 2020. Then, God help us all, it will fade out and not return with this level of vehemence for another 248 years.

Let's hope that sentient life and the planet itself endure the next few years of the Reign of the Fear-Driven Terrified.


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Nicely put. Adding that to Siouxrose11's pinpoint description of "reverse the clockers," a shiver went down my spine. What exactly do the Republicans mean when they talk about "one America?"

What do they have planned for the rest of US?




I wish more white males understood just how radical the agenda of the Christian Right really is. The fact that this ilk has made common cause with the Koch Brothers' brand of freedom (= THEIR right to harm nature and steal from the public commons) is ominous in and of itself.

There's a terrific discussion on this subject on today's "Democracy Now" program with Amy AT the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

An author who's traced Mike Pence's background (and earlier "work" in right wing talk radio) lays out the chilling prognosis that has to make any woman, any Black, Muslim, or Latino citizen EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

Under the guise of protecting THEIR alleged freedoms, this ilk insists that it's their RIGHT to take from others what is not theirs to take, own, control, or denigrate.

They are a frightening lot. And their leaders are actually using verbiage like "Donald Chump was chosen by God to be our leader."

I've gone on record here for 9 years explaining just how dangerous it is when the make-war mentality merges into that of religion. There's an empowered ilk who have essentially crowned Trump the boy-man King possessed of all divine rights, therein!

And woe to the rest of us...


Very well put.


The only "good old days" I would like to return to is one without nuclear bombs. One of the new designs being built is an instrument that can be either a nuclear or a conventional bomb, thus the "enemy" does not know with what weapon we are attacking.


Mr, Winship
The ironic reference to Lucifer is in the Introduction to Rules for Radicals, The dedication is to "Irene", Mrs. Alinsky.


The bomb you might be referring to is the B61-12. It is not a new design per se, as that would be in violation of several nuclear nonproliferation agreements, but rather---here's the part only a lawyer could love, it is the twelfth modernized version of the B61 design of the 1960's. It is not a conventional weapon, though it features a "Dial a yield" technology that allows the explosive force to be adjusted before launch from a high of 50,000 tons of TNT equivalent to a low of 300 tons---the low yields thus making it a 'viable' as well as 'survivable' nuclear tactical device within the hubristic thinking of current day strategists.
Here are some sites for further reading:


“This is a nation where every coin in our pockets and every bill in our wallet says ‘In God We Trust.’

This is also a nation where every Bible on our bookshelves says, "No one can serve two masters," and "So the last shall be first and the first last."

Heard a delegate this morning saying she honors the billionaires of this world and that Trump is indeed a religious man. But what I read, Ben, makes it sounds like there's no such thing as a Christian with money.



Thanks for the education. Always appreciated!