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The Ghosts of Christmas Present: GOP Kick the Most Vulnerable Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/14/ghosts-christmas-present-gop-kick-most-vulnerable-amid-pandemic


“Congressional reps. who call themselves Christian” have co-opted the teachings of Christ to advance their fascist agenda.

These reps. promote religion to “keep the poor from killing the rich” as Todd Snider observed.


Don’t just blame the GOP. House Dems could have included a bailout bill for the people with the bailout bill for the billionaires. That would have saved lives too.
Face it. Both corporate parties represent the same oligarchy. They must both be held accountable simultaneously. Otherwise, the oligarchy wins again.


“Until you learn to live in Community you cannot know God.”
Martin Luther King Jnr a wiser man you shall not meet.

Tell that to the Religious Right .Everything they do is the opposite of God .



I would hope for some dreams of Marley and chains.

In the meantime, we keep speaking out. Thanks, Dr. Theoharis.

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“After all, he was born a homeless refugee to an unmarried teenage mother”

Huh? Depending on whether you read it from Matthew or Luke, he was either born at home or he was born while his parents were travelling in order to register for a census. Neither gospel says he was homeless at the time of his birth. Neither gospel says he was a refugee at the time of his birth. Neither gospel refers to Mary’s age. Neither gospel says his parents were unmarried at the time of his birth.

“Indeed, the myth of scarcity, like other neoliberal fantasies, is regularly ignored when politically expedient and conjured up when the rich and powerful need help.”

It reads as if she had listened to Jimmy Dore’s recent discussion with Steven Grumbine, definitely worth watching. When Rev Barber says “billionaires are getting richer” you will start to believe that this was, in fact, the whole point of the original COVID “relief” bill.

You may even start to believe that as of a few decades ago, the people in power, whether they are Republican villains or Democrat heros, decided to turn the government into a scheme to make themselves inordinately wealthy, even at the cost of your family’s destruction.

You might even start to believe that your destruction is their very goal.