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The Ghosts of 'New Democrats' Are Haunting Us


The Ghosts of 'New Democrats' Are Haunting Us

Norman Solomon

Twenty-five years ago, the so-called New Democrats were triumphant. Today, their political heirs are eager to prevent the Democratic Party from living up to its name. At stake is whether democracy will have a chance to function.


This paragraph is all I need to want to insist Kamarck join the Republicans…

"That makes sense, when you consider that Kamarck is working to lower corporate taxes. She’s co-chair of the big business organization RATE (Reforming America’s Taxes Equitably) Coalition, which has the explicit mission of “reducing the corporate income tax rate.”

The Trump GOP already lowered taxes for corporations, how many times are they going to do that? Did Kamarck feel left out or something?


Party leaders are adamant, even to the point of being defensive, about insisting that there be no litmus test in choosing candidates for the sake of winning elections. Not quite true. The party leadership actively screens out candidates that are poor prospects for raising corporate cash. They don’t want no stinking’ progressives derailing their money train. Fundraising is all the party leadership has left for an identity.


That and the quid pro quo…


This article presents some good arguments against the “New Democrats” but still the bottom line seems to be that most Democrats prefer this group. Al Gore defeated Bill Bradley in a primary, John Kerry won the primary against Howard Dean, Barack Obama won over John Edwards (and Hillary Clinton), and Hillary Clinton won over Bernie Sanders. In none of these primaries did superdelegates override the decision of the voters. Maybe there is a dynamic in the Democrat Party that will finally reverse this trend. We will see in the Democratic primary in 2020.


Anybody who votes Democrat is a fool. Anybody who votes Republican is insane.


Except that “social liberalism” to Democrats means corporate health insurance mandates instead of single payer, highest drug prices in the world instead of negotiated price reductions, FICA tax holidays masquerading as “tax cuts for the working class” to starve Social Security, and cuts to benefits in “grand bargains” with Republicans.

Ending welfare, keeping wages artificially low in favor of stock buybacks and obscene payouts to upper managers, the war on drugs to keep for-profit prisons full of mostly black slave labor—all of these and more comprise the legacy of the Clintons.


Quack quack quack. No Labels or Correct the Record? Or both? Perhaps you are your own Corporate State Democrat think tank.


But I’ve been told that to utter such critical analysis such that Norman presents on Corporate State Democrats, is akin to have been someone on the left aligned against FDR, or some such.

And yes, I’ve been critical of Norman Solomon on what I believe to be his blind side regarding Trump.

Not on this count. He is spot on.


It is not “some Democrats” who want to keep the status quo. The vast majority of Democratic politicians support neoliberal capitalism. They just want a slightly less obviously brutal version so they can save face and fool (rather easily) people who vote Dem. And pretend they have consciences.

Oh, by-the-way, Billary are revving up the foundation again. There’s a big do on May 24 and the entry fee for cocktails with the Red Queen and her consort Dorian Grey is $2k. For a measly $100k, you get to sit at a table. Wanna bet she’s gonna go again in 2020? Or maybe both on a single ticket? Get the barf bags ready Duopoly addicts and LOTE fanatics.


“Twenty five years ago the new Democrats were triumphant” ???

Try 32 years ago when one year after the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) 1985 formation the Party confirmed its new mission to get more corporate money than the GOP by helping the GOP pass what Democrats continue to brag was “bipartisan 1986 tax reform”, the most regressive changes to the IRS tax code in US history (until December 2017’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as “tax reform” outdid it.

I notice our local dyed in the wool Democrats swooning at the prospect of any Clinton or Obama running for POTUS in 2020. They must be descended from Murkin Revolution era loyalists who can’t get enough of royalty and dynasties.


With regard to ghosts, I think the Democrats are still haunted by the results of the 1972 and 1984 presidential elections. Those landslide victories by Nixon in '72 and Reagan in '84 will take a long time to be forgotten. While a lot of time has passed since those elections I still think they matter. The lesson that seems to be taken from those elections is that at some point a candidate can be too far left of the electorate. The Republicans probably concluded that after the defeat of Goldwater in 1964 that a candidate can only go so far right. But that notion was dispelled by Reagan and now Trump has set a new standard for going right. The lesson drawn from Trump by the Republicans in probably there is no limit on how far right you can go.


Did you not read the following paragraph in the above essay?

IIRC, superdelegates aren’t supposed to make up their minds until during the convention, and are therefor not supposed to announce their preferences prior to the convention so as not to influence the primaries.  But Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (DWS) and other Hilliary henchpersons – in addition to scheduling the candidates’ debates so as to minimize the exposure of Senator Sanders to new voters as much as possible – did every­thing they could to use HRC’s overwhelming early support among the stupordelegates to discourage anyone from voting for Bernie Sanders – “a candidate who has already lost.”

So whom should we thank for Presidunce Tweetle-Dumb?   Dirty Debbie and her Stupor-Delegates!


That’s some funky bunk. The Democrats still held the House of Representatives after 1972/1984 elections. It has always been the Senate, and regional realignments/policymaking, that gives the Dimocrats such a weak bargaining position vs. Executive Branch extrajudicial shenanigans.
Or, would you like to align your party politics with Southern sensibilities and Wall St. swindlers?
Clintons didn’t win either Iowa or N. Hampshire in 1992 or 2008. It took the South and the rodent infested sewers of NYC to reboot their flailing comebacks. That gold-plated " shithole " of phony progressive thinkers who gave us Clinton, Trump and migraine headaches in 2016.
Quit defending the indefensible, we’ll all feel better


I like what you write and agree with your critique of the party.

But that is not what they mean by “social liberalism.” What it means is being pro-choice, for LGBT equality rhetoric, and not wanting any blocks to women and racial minorities, who happen to overcome the odds, from becoming just as much a part of the professional class that does the imposition of the plutocrats agenda, well, as long as white, straight, Anglo, cisgender men remain the majority of the professional class.

It means celebrating movies that are celebratory of transgender women as long as they are portrayed as sex workers and played by men.


Nixon and Reagan were both incumbents.
What is Jimmy Carter’s excuse?


Just make the final leap and come over to the Green Party, where all real progressives belong. The only major party with any kind of ballot access that is truly run by it’s members and is never beholden to the interests of the wealthy. The official Democrats and their shills here and other places will keep hammering away that all we do is help elect Republicans, but that is not true. We expand the voting base by giving the millions who would otherwise not come out and vote candidates they can support. Please come and join us.


Typical BS from the DINO all the way mouthpiece - always diversions to steer the fools and gullible back to the DP corporate-whore fold…give it a rest…

And by the way, the DP establishment dirty tricks, manipulated elections, DNC/DCCC slime and closed super-delegate totally controlled “convention” was a charade, a farce…Shillary “won” nothing, she was the establishment choice, NOT the people’s!..HRC was the only candidate trump could have beaten and still the DP “new Democrat” charade goes on…refusdal to alter a course right onto the freakin rocks…yet again…corporate/banker/wall st shills sabotaging progressives and our issues!


Took me a while to track it down, but I remembered this essay being prescient and totally on point regarding the neo-lib mantra about the party being too far left.


We wish they were ghosts.