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The Gig (Economy) Is Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/06/gig-economy

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Ahh, yes. The next step in pushing America into a third world country so our workers can compete for $1.50 per hour wages and live in tin shacks.


Factory production loses money until they get economies of scale working. In the case of a software platform company a bad business model will just multiply the losses.

Uber prices undercut taxis by over 50%. This helps grow their business but also grow their losses. It also puts more and more small business taxi companies out of business. In the future Uber may increase fares to profitability but only after they have wiped out most competition.

The Uber business model is a predatory attack on working people:

  1. Uber is very clearly violating the law by declaring their employees as independent contractors and thereby providing no benefits or guaranteed work.
  2. Uber is actively investing in self-driving cars to eliminate workers altogether.
  3. Uber is running at a loss which provides excellent cover for no wage increases or benefits until that situation is rectified.

Wall street is not giving Uber as hard a time as Tesla is getting. Tesla was actually profitable in Q4 of last year.

The investors behind Uber are likely getting very low interest money creation from the Federal Reserve and the trading desks of their “Too Big To Fail” member banks.

Money creation being used to take over an important segment of the economy.


Reich sez:
“And a growing number of people work for staffing firms that find them gig jobs.”

Firms that use “contractors” to find “contractor” gigs for other displaced workers? I believe it’s time for dictionaries everywhere to update their definitions of irony.


Again, Reich advocates for higher taxes on corporations. Yet in his 2007 book, Supercapitalism, he advocated for eliminating corporate taxes. When and why did he change his mind?


American’s need to arm themselves for the common good!

So much for “the economy working for workers”, predatory work laws at best - all courtesy of the Plutocrats! All under the guise of “freedom” - yadda, yadda, yadda - it’s all bs!

At this point that’s better wages and housing than some Americans are already experiencing.
Some can’t get get work and have cardboard shacks or worse. We just need one more little shove and we will see a lot more of that.

Corporations don’t pay corporate taxes. It is the sheeple who buy their products that end up paying the taxes. Another way to say this is that a corporate tax is a sales tax that is passed on to the people to pay.

No mention here of non-citizens bumping citizens out of jobs or level of wages.

Also no mention of the biggest wage thief in the room -– the deliberately mis-named Federal Reserve Syndicate, a cabal of PRIVATE banksters who run our money system to their great benefit and our war-mongering government. Inflation = theft!

I favor getting rid of the invasive, abusive income tax and replace it with a sales tax that is mostly collected and spent locally. No tax on necessities like food, higher on luxury items like mansions and fancy cars. No big brother pouring over the most minute aspects of your life. Gopherit

Income tax is a joke when you consider the fact that most wealth is not earned by ‘punching a time clock’. The only people paying income tax are those on the lower end of the spectrum. I’d be willing to abolish it as well to make way for wealth taxes, sales tax, as you mention (with exceptions for necessities, etc.) and taxes on investment and corporate earnings.