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'The Gilded Age Is Here Again': Billionaire Wealth Has Surged by $931 Billion During Seven Months of Pandemic, Economic Collapse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/20/gilded-age-here-again-billionaire-wealth-has-surged-931-billion-during-seven-months


“The juxtaposition between surging billionaire wealth and the imploding livelihoods of ordinary Americans is grotesque and unseemly.”

No word exists to describe this decadence.


“Senate paralyzed with inaction” ?

During Moscow Mitch’s 6 years as Senate Majority Leader the Senate has accomplished more than any Senate in history…all of it beneficial to the 1% at the expense of the 99%. “Inaction” ?, hardly.


Time to search for “long pig” recipes of olde.

A guy’s got to eat sometime.

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"[T]he collective wealth of just 644 people to a staggering $3.88 trillion."

Pandemic or no pandemic–no one earns this kind of money.


Well that’s a nice round number for a January 21 tax surcharge.

This is just how capitalism operates. Nothing to see here folks.


Yes one does: capitalism.

This is why Nancy Peloci must stand firm!

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Now that the coup government in Bolivia has lost, Elon Musk needs to be criminally pursued by the incoming government of Bolivia for his role in the treasonous coup against Evo Morales and the subsequent massacres of the indigenous majority to get their Lithium reserves for his batteries. They all need to be arrested and executed for treason and sedition, the military needs to be dissolved and replaced with just a small civilian defense force, and all of the right-wing oligarchs who financed the coup need to have their assets seized and be forced into exile, so another coup can’t be perpetrated.


Capitalism and inequality go hand in hand. Our politicians will never act on this obscene inequality.
“They’ll get it all from you, sooner of later. 'Cause they own this fucking place.” - George Carlin,
“The American Dream” (2004)


Elon Musk has fought tooth and nail any reward for his employees, not even a living wage in Silicone Valley. Musk must be be taxed an his wealth spread among his laborers.


There should be no billionaires, period. A society that allows such gross disparities of wealth cannot possibly be just. How can anyone think this is sane? It disgusts me.


Or other words like Xenophobia, Misanthrope, classism, elitism, racism, idiocracy, hedonism, nihilism can close enough to describing how what ruling class think of the rest of us; summed up as little more than consumers, wage-slaves, cannon fodder.


Whatever you do,

Do Not see how Nancy Pelosi and the democrats were pushing the first bill back in the spring

which enabled what this article is criticizing and trying to put on the republicans alone.

At that time they did a “voice vote” so that there is NO record of how they voted. Any member of

congress can demand a role call so that we can see the recording of how they voted and no one

made that happen. They needed to pour the majority of money into the richest pockets because

do not believe the rest of us are as deserving. Then, Pelosi needed to string people along as long

as she could and make it look like it was all the fault of the republicans (who are more openly sadistic).

This pumping of wealth upward from tax dollars is the shared game of the democrats and the


The democrats rushed to throw away any leverage they might have had in the spring and the great

predatory fraud Pelosi has repeatedly tried to shut down anyone who tries to point this out.

When there is a voice vote it means they need to screw you over and keep you in the dark.

They get theirs and they seem to get off on it when the rest of us are reduced to pleading.

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The Coming Financial Storms
"From a sensible point of view, this is understandable. If you live beyond your means or you try to earn wealth without real labor, without producing things of value, then you will end up in jeopardy and even calamity.

Economies of the world are based on growth, but you are hitting the boundaries of growth, for you are facing a world of declining resources, a world of changing and violent weather, a world where food production and the availability of water will diminish, a world where a growing humanity will have to drink from a slowly shrinking well.

The emphasis now cannot be on growth and expansion and profiting off of this. It must be on stability and security.

People are trying to have unearned wealth, the few people who have this opportunity. But it is further destabilizing the human family. And now you are facing a financial contraction and corrections of a very severe magnitude."… from “The Coming Financial Storms” from the New Message from God.

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It’s not a scandal…it’s a crime .
Mr. Phillips

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“Gilded age” for whom? The billionaire inheritors?

BERNIE IS LYING SCUM - He and The Squad and Democrats unanimously voted to pass the Cares Act…the LARGEST upward transfer of wealth in human history…and HERE WE ARE TODAY…(this month and counting!!!)


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Where the inequality reaches such dizzying highs and lows, that’s when the pitchforks and guillotines come out and blood flows in the streets. When the 99% realize the police and military are there only to protect the 1%. When the 99% realize organized religions that preach reward in some lalaland afterlife and that you have to suffer in this life instead of enjoying beauty, art, creativity. When the 99% realize that every invention since the beginning of the Industrial Age, from the Enclosure Acts to the Internet has been used to estrange us from not only each other and Gaia but to hate ourselves because we’re not “successful”. That’s when the caca will hit the fan for the 1%, and not just here in the US of Abuse, but globally. I’m currently reading the Crazy Rich Asian trilogy and am nauseated by every page, of the worship of extreme wealth and the wealthy at the expense of the environment. Every page mentions at least one name brand. Suspect the author is a closet Maoist trying to rekindle the flames of revolution in southeast Asia and China…

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