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The Global Refugee Crisis: Humanity's Last Call for a Culture of Sharing and Cooperation


The Global Refugee Crisis: Humanity's Last Call for a Culture of Sharing and Cooperation

Rajesh Makwana

Razor-wire fences, detention centres, xenophobic rhetoric and political disarray; nothing illustrates the tendency of governments to aggressively pursue nationalistic interests more starkly than their inhumane response to refugees fleeing conflict and war.


Too bad the “great leaders of the world” never allow themselves to consider all these truths…

It was Saddam Hussein i believe who informed the USA that it was “opening the gates of hell” by invading Iraq…


Nope, I told em, too. Oddly, they didn’t listen to either of us.


This is a tiny taste of what’s to come, both in terms of chaos and destruction and refugees, and the nationalist authoritarian reaction. Climate catastrophe promises hundreds of millions more, and if we expect civilization to survive it we need to devise a system for settling conflict over resources and territory and resettling all the refugees. We will have to have radically different structures and ideas about society and what our lives are for. We can couple the creation of that new society with the formation of the movement to avoid utter calamity by decarbonizing, and the training of people and creation of structures to teach the principles, values and methods of conflict negotiation. We need more mature, psychologically healthy people running things, and while we don’t have time to grow them from seed, we may just barely have time to revolt and put the few we already have in power.

This June 26 will be an important day to push that agenda forward with civil disobedience and education. For example:


Some considerable partisan distortion of facts in this article, but that apart, why is all the criticism levelled at Europe which has taken in at least around 2 million of the refugees (not the 160,000 said in this article, Sweden alone has taken in that many) with only those on the immediate border to Syria having taken in more, and why not aim it instead therefore mainly at the rest of the world, USA, Brazil, India, China, Russia, who seem not to be taking in many or even any. Let’s share and deal with this problem globally.