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The Going Rate for Betrayal


The Going Rate for Betrayal

John R. MacArthur

The vote buying to pass fast-track authority in the House of Representatives -- legislation that will speed up secret negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement so dear to President Obama and his Wall Street and corporate allies -- has evidently begun in earnest. The latest recipient of White House largesse, Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., last week reversed her opposition to fast-track, already approved by the Senate, and if history repeats itself she won't be the only member of Congress to betray her working class and labor-union supporters.


All I know is I don’t have enough freespeech to purchase a betrayal.


A long time ago, it was forty pieces of silver, but inflation has probably changed that a lot.


And the explosive increase in usury to build wealth.


Everyone has his price. She got an offer she couldn’t refuse.

No politicians, no problems

Electronic Direct Democracy


Actually it was thirty pieces of silver (see Matt 26:14-16) but I understand your point.


You’re right! Old man’s brain fart. :wink:


In reading a number of articles about the TPP it’s quite noticeable that all the elected terrorists that folded on NAFTA no longer have their positions in Congress – maybe the biggest reason the vote against was over 300 last week is b/c many of them were seriously concerned they would get fired next year if they voted for it.


Although you are correct that most House of Representative Democrats who voted in favor of NAFTA lost their 1994 elections (because all 535 must run for re-election every two years), Senators (TPP champion Patty Murray for example) who were not up for re-election until 96 or 98 fared much better.

Some of the House Democrats who lost in 1994 have re-emerged in the Senate (TPP champion Maria Cantwell for example) to bolster Obama’s march to the sea.

With K Street jobs for ex Congresscritters so plentiful and paying many times their federal salaries, it is doubtful if many of them care if they lose the next election,


I used to live in Dallas Tx, and the congress critter there Eddie Bernice Lee has shown on banker bail outs, no public options in Obamacare, etc. and now on TPP that she is solidly always looking to sell out the country … and rumor is that she will spread her skanky treason readily… (I used to work around high end call-girls, and learned a certain disdain for cheap whores
She says she is a liberal / progressive… actually she is just black and racist liberals continue to vote for her.