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The Good and Bad in the US Government’s Civilian Casualties Announcement



There nothing "good" in the report. It simply a means of trying to manipulate public perceptions. The number of non combatants killed is in fact the number 2581.

None of these peoples murdered were at war with the USA. They were killed in their home countries and were not attacking the USA. The USA has no right to go to foreign countries, murder people and then claim they were "combatants". Would the USA be ok with Russia murdering people in Florida and claiming the people were "combatants"?

The fact is all the peoples killed abroad are civilians by definition. It does not matter if they had guns or not just as those people in Florida walking around with guns are civilians.


Conversation leading to this report as follows:

Bureaucrat #1: "Guess we're gonna try to release some figures of people we killed that we shouldn't have."

#2: "Good luck with that. Have a number in mind?"

#1: "Well, we obviously can't be truthful. That would get us fired. Sooo......we don't need to say zero, which will bean obvious lie..."

#2: "Yeah, but that would make our bosses really happy! We'd be perfect!"

#1: "Peasants need something above zero. So we need a number that looks plausible but is also small enough to say, "hey, we're trying here!"

#2. "7?"

#1. I said, "plausible". "Let's do 64! Yeah, 64! So, we got it right 25 hundred times, and wrong only 64 times! That's pretty good, right?"


A better "Florida" comparison might be: would Cuba have had any right to target and kill persons in Florida who engaged in the planting of bombs on Cuban passenger planes, or in Havana hotels, or Cuban embassies. Posada?


Cute. But US officials aren't the only ones doing the counting, as prof Knuckey points out.


That document is probably not reflective of any real number of casualties anyway. We do not have a transparent government. We have an even less accountable military. I find that drone casualty tripe the Obama/Hillary team has cooked up, insulting to our intelligence. But typical- not surprising.


Americans need to get off their arses and get this criminal behaviour stopped. The deliberate killing of these innocent people is simply murder, nothing less. That's the law world-wide. It makes NO difference who the perpetrator is, or where the victim lives. they are no less human because they live in a nation the USA is prepared to attack.
There would be consequences if the victims were in Australia or the UK, and they simply wouldn't do anything like this in their own nation. If a nation the US didn't "like" did anything like this, the US would call it a war crime. Someone tell me how it's acceptable for one group to do this and not another. Are Americans more human than Pakistanis or Yemenis? Would any American accept that it was the victim's fault for living next to a criminal as they gathered bloody pieces of their mother or Son?
This is against all law, all morality, and all human decency.
WHY is it accepted by America?


Maybe electing an "anti-war" president would be a good start. It might help if we elect a president who isn't involved in back stabbing trade deals that harm developing nations. Like a person who is into solvent sustainable international trade relations while representing the US. Obviously the old system is not working for people- no matter the party affiliation. One productive action is to insist on a leader that does not equate to the lesser of two evils the banksters of the world can use.

Electing such a person would increase peace in the world.

If the "war-mongers" succeed at keeping the ballot officially between Hillary and Donald; Can we write Bernie Sanders on the ballot in November?