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The 'Good Anthropocene': Grassroots Initiatives Worldwide Show Path Forward


The 'Good Anthropocene': Grassroots Initiatives Worldwide Show Path Forward

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Looking for a ray of sunshine amidst seemingly endless news of the warming planet, global biodiversity loss, or ongoing war?


As the world around us crumbles we should be building for the new tomorrow. These ideas are the stuff of the building blocks. Small and local, cooperative if possible. Great ideas. I plan to check out the web site.


Thank you much! Wonderful to see Mollison and Holmgren have made CD. On to solutions!


As Guy McPherson says... "Do the right thing, just don't be attached to the outcome"...
The earth is already spewing out her own co2 and methane... so, I don't think it matters as much what we do now... although... what the heck... it's better than doing nothing. It is the right way to treat the earth... whether it makes a difference or not.


So true.


Sounds positive, but the article needs to be more specific; tell us more. A few years ago we were all changing our lightbulbs........while neglecting to do the research on the mercury involved. Too often, we jump on bandwagons engineered by some entrepreneur from somewhere, planning to enrich himself on the backs of the people's real desire for substantive change.

But substantive change is what we need, and for sure, it should come bottom up.....and avoid corporate takeover.

Which won't be easy. We have built int he last 35 years of so, a culture of colossal ignorance, greed and narcissism. Reading Monbiot's collection of essays, Bring on the Apocalypse, from the early years of this centruy tells one how hard it is going to be to shake philanthropical front men and women.....who end up further impoverishing the poor.

So more detail please. Many of us already know what healthy soil, sustainable forests, organic mixed agriculture and urban farming could do to reverse the worst traits of the anrthropocene naturally....we also know how lazy western minds cling to the myth of the silver bullet, and advancements in artificial intelligence and technology........to get us out of the corner we've painted.

Tell us what to hope for. And how to institute some of these sustainable, restorative techniques in our own backyards and local communities. We don't have a century to get moving.


Every day, millions of Americans -- including those who have access to public transportation -- start up their cars, with no concern whatsoever about what they are doing as they add carcinogenic soot and oil particles to the atmosphere. We would love to save the planet, but not at the cost of being inconvenienced. We've known since the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo that we have "an urgent need" to break our dependency on oil.

The good news is that the US is not a massive country. We could easily fit into China's back pocket. We chose an economic course since the 1980s that has made the US overall poorer, and imposed a welfare "reform" in the 1990s that effectively cut the rungs off the ladder out of poverty.The more people in poverty, the less fuel we consume.


Tragically, this philosophy doesn't extend to how we treat fellow humans/Americans.


No, it's supposed to include it... however, it is so late to save us... but, in order to give ourselves some type of purpose, we should be working on the most positive ways to save as much as possible... for anything that possibly could survive... and that's the key word there, "possibly". At the rate we are going now, the collapse would result in ALL of the 400 + nuclear power plants to melt down... which, would lay waste to the earth... if only we could get ALL OF THEM TO BEGIN SHUTTING DOWN. That takes about 40+ years... MAYBE if we get them to shut down, there could be some kind of life left there ... to start over...


I agree, but, the heavy weight over our heads, are all the 400 plus nuke plants around the world. We really have to get "them" to begin to shut them down... it takes around 40 years to do so... before they are not "dangerous" anymore. With out this feat accomplished, we really are still on a razor's edge.


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