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The 'Good Girls Revolt' is the Untold Political Story of 2017


The 'Good Girls Revolt' is the Untold Political Story of 2017

Will Bunch

Esther Gordon, a 65-year-old retired French teacher who lives in Newtown Square, will never forget that feeling when she woke up on November 9 and it sunk in that Donald Trump had really won the presidential election.

She said it felt like somebody had died.

On Monday, at a few minutes past noon, as Arctic winds buffed the granite walls of the state capitol in Harrisburg, Gordon learned that there's such a thing as death after death.


Darned right "this is hardly a Philadelphia phenomenon." We are deeply offended in many, many ways, even those of us who were glad to rely on the assurance that others' votes would carry our states away from the mess. Even those of us who must be armchair activists. And many of us are glad to be known as the Nasty Women's Revolt (and thank you, guys who come along with us).


Sorry, but other than despising Trump, this is one gal who has nothing in common with these "I'm with you, Hillary" suburban Clintonites who were disappointed they didn't get their first female president. Had these women organized and marched with me and other women to stop Clinton from getting the nomination, in the first place, we wouldn't have to deal with Trump, now. Yes, it's a good thing that some of them have been brought out of their political coma, but it's also sad that it took a Donald Trump to do it. Yes, I'll stand with them and anyone who opposes Trump, but don't look for me to sign up with the next "I'm with you, Democrat party" movement. I want nothing to do with either party of billionaires.


While I know many men and women who consider themselves "political", being "political" to them means being able to recite partisan talking points and buying into identity politics, not connecting any dots or supporting candidates who represent their best interests. Hopefully "becoming political" for Gordon and others will be more characterized by the latter and not the former.

Perhaps they need to watch Song of the South again to be reminded how the GOP played Brer Rabbit so well when the Democrats played Brer Fox and Brer Bear so well including bailing out Wall Street and giving life to the GOP's corporate welfare program disguised as healthcare reform.


Which is to say, the one constituency Clinton actively courted. So presumably, the point here is that she would have lost even bigger if she had not courted anyone. Duh. Maybe the larger point is that this was still a losing strategy in a state which really should have been safely in the D column.

But what do these affluent communities have to do with the supposed "Good Girls Revolt" this article is talking about? Are these affluent communities mostly female? Are "good girls" concentrated in these affluent communities? Are they scarce in less affluent communities? What is the connection?

"Some of that surge was probably due to the chance for electing America's first female president. But dig deeper -- especially among this new breed of female activists -- and what you tend to find is extreme revulsion over even the idea of Donald Trump within 5 miles of the White House."

Surge? Women in PA voted for Obama over Romney by 56% to 43%--a 13 point spread. Women in PA voted for Clinton over Trump by 55% to 42%--a 13 point spread. Clinton and Trump both did about one percentage point worse among PA women than Obama and Romney respectively. How is that a surge?


Will the "new normal" be the sight of huge hyper-militarized cops and their ilk beating up little old ladies gathered to protest?


That and cutting Social Security and Medicare to limit the number of little old ladies who can afford to get to the protests.


I'll continue to be a Nasty Woman!


I agree-and I couldn't wait to vote forty something years ago, and have been voting ever since. Hard to believe that someone that educated would be in a political coma, and only NOW with a Trump victory is coming out of it. This dem party ( except for a few progressives) is bought and paid for by Wall Street. Think about it: Obama said the big banks were too big to fail. Warren said they were too big to even go on trial only Warren advocated for that, and Obama swept it under the table so that he could hawk for healthcare and immigration.


Yes, the continued war on the poor and the elderly is sickening,- I guess they do not have parents?


This is great- and I agree. These women ( especially older ones) who were at least middle class ( if not wealthy) wanted their photo op. These women who insisted that they owed her because she is a woman- it's ridiculous. In the mean time wonder what the world of the traveling pantsuits have to say now.