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The Good News and the Bad News About Turkey’s Attempted Coup


The Good News and the Bad News About Turkey’s Attempted Coup

Stephen Zunes

The survival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Welfare Party of an attempted coup last week is a mixed blessing.

Despite the ultra-conservative policies and creeping authoritarianism of the Erdogan regime, Turks from across the political spectrum opposed the coup, which was attempted by a faction of the Turkish military.


I guess U.S. support for the violent coup in Honduras is ignored because sometimes democracy must take a beating to help American multi-nationals.
Turkey is no fan of the U.S., but the U.S. needs Turkey to intimidate Russia by placing missiles, NATO tanks and other military hardware on the Russian border in an attempt to undermine democracy there as well. The only reason Turkey bought into the whole NATO thing was Turks felt it would be beneficial in their attempts to join the EU. That turned out to be an utter failure.


Space Cadet, Turkey joined NATO long before there was an EU or Common Market to join. As for the "counter-coup," the regime clearly had lists of people to arrest prepared long before the coup--you don't create them in 24 hours. And there are now reports that they knew the coup was coming before it happened, so the notion that they let it proceed so they would have an excuse for more repression seems likely--see Reichstag fire 1933.


Not a single mention of Erdogan and the AKP's murderous oppression of the Kurds in this article. I guess the liberal Mr. Zunes would disapprove of the Kurds taking up guns to defend themselves against their genocide. Also the Kurds are libertarian socialists so that wont win them any support from liberals.

And I love the soft-pedaling treatment Zunes gives the fascist Erdogan (yes, fascists like social programs - but are still fascist) is getting from Zunes. Does he honestly believe that Erdogan and the AKP will ever allow an honest election again? He just fired or effectively banned from their jobs almost the entire countries university faculty and teachers (including every university dean) and is now banning any of them leaving the country as he re-legalizes the death penalty!