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The GOP and the Zombie Medicaid Block Grants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/22/gop-and-zombie-medicaid-block-grants

Lets see, what could solve this problem for states like TN., and reduce medical costs across the country?
How about Expanded, Improved, Medicare for ALL!!!
Get onboard you dipsticks.

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How about a hybrid of a weasel and a vulture?

Unlike the GOP Elephants are actually highly social creatures with astoundingly evolved communications skills. Listen up you-who-would-be-kings of the political jungle you have created.

Why do Repugs always want to put Medicaid money in State Block Grants? It is much easier to steal or designate to a special project. The jail time is much less for a State crime than a Federal one. The Repugs always have an angle.

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Good point, I didn’t think about that angle.

The open-ended nature of Medicaid enabled huge amounts of fraud, particularly when the Federal Matching Percentage (FMAP) went up to as much as 75%. State Legislatures said- for every dollar we spend, we can get 3 from other taxpayers? What a deal!. And there are disincentives to reduce fraud and stop crooked doctors from looting Medicaid. It is also not sensible to believe that, say, New York, with an $80 Billion Medicaid program (half paid for by you and me) can’t live within some reasonable budget. If there had been reasonable oversight, there might not be a need for block grants. But now it is eating State budgets affecting schools, roads and public safety.

I submit as new animal for GOP, the hyena. Snakey, weaselly, consumer of foul (corrupt) things. Well, that may be Disney’s version but it good enough, no insults intended.

And luridly laughing all the while