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The GOP Are Standing on Trump's Sinking Ship, But Democrats Need a Vision Beyond Electing Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/04/gop-are-standing-trumps-sinking-ship-democrats-need-vision-beyond-electing-biden

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Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee is not exactly the face of the future. He will no doubt run a more competent administration, and will appoint people who actually care about governing. That’s a good start. But going back to the past is not going to solve our worst problems.

It is certain that Biden will do no more than attempt to address the numerous social/political/economic/environmental crises we face through an embrace of the plutocratic and unsustainable neoliberal capitalism and war mongering of the past.

Progressives should be working to accelerate their efforts to build democratic and just grassroots movements. Why wait for 8 years, only to have the Democrat Party repeat its practice of selecting another right leaning Presidential candidate? We should work to develop progressive alternatives, and then work to impeach Biden soon as possible.


3-Step Plan:

  1. Elect Biden to evict Trump, and install some degree of sanity --while we get to work doing two things:
  2. Begin the process of removing entrenched DNC corporate sell-outs (as per jr, above), and resurrecting a party that actually works for the people
  3. Write a set of broad, far reaching policy priorities to guide a New Democratic Party, focused on social, environmental, and economic justice

Biden is simply the Not Bernie candidate for 2020. Why I loathe party politics…


“Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee is not exactly the face of the future?”
Joe Biden isn’t just weak tea. He’s a bad hangover. Remember, he wasn’t just in favor of starting the war in Iraq. He was instrumental in getting it started. He is heavily invested in “Obamacare”, so kiss goodbye any meaningful repair to our ferociously disfunctional “healthcare” system. He has already stated quite clearly that he is opposed to defunding the police, so you can well imagine where he will position himself with respect to reducing our dependence on incarceration, and he’s a big fan of giving our Boys in Blue all the great, big toys they want. He admires HRC’s brand of bellicose foreign policy, and he’s already recruited the odious Larry Summers for his “team”. In short, if Biden manages to displace the current nestling, we will have an only slightly less nightmarish situation on our hands. It will be instructive to observe whether progressive activists go to sleep again as they did during the Obama years while he was busily doing various terrible things. Remember “The Surge”? Remember Anwar al-Awlaki? Remember “looking forward, not backward” with respect to Cheney’s warrantless wiretapping? While having the kindly, avuncular old coot back in the White House may feel like a substantial improvement over the current dystopian daydream, we must remember what a hideously low bar that is.


Damn. Fell for the click bait again. I thought that the article might focus on the “…need a vision beyond electing Biden” part. But noooo.

20 paragraphs and 26 "Trump"s later, the 2nd to last paragraph finally gets to it: “Progressive ideas that Biden himself used to brush off are going to have to get a serious hearing…” Note the passive voice. Although some okay “ideas” are mentioned, the phrases “Green New Deal” and “Medicare for All” are conspicuously absent. There’s a “living wage” but no “guaranteed minimum income,” and certainly nothing about worker & community control of our out-of-control corporations. And nothing about the tyrannosaurs in the room – the vast inequalities in wealth (and hence power) in this country and America’s colossal military.

And, pointedly, nothing about who does the “hearing” – we the people, or the Pelosi/Shumer/Obama crowd.

Am I being too harsh in concluding that Conniff’s “vision” seems to be about ensuring that the Democratic oligarchs can capture control from the Republican?


As I mentioned a few days ago, TPTB that hold the levers of power in the Dem party got behind Amy McGrath to help make her the candidate to try and defeat McConnell. This was yet another confirmation of how deeply entrenched the oligarchy is in politics. How utterly hopeless changing the system within the confines of the duopoly really is.

Charles Booker —I believe----could have gathered enough momentum to defeat that cretin----the cruel M.M.

There were crucial things---- extremely damaging things---- that happened courtesy the dems, Obama, Clyburn et al: over the past few months:

They made sure Bernie supporters were neutralized and they helped bring Amy McGrath to the fore.

This latest news is no surprise:

"Pro-Trump Democrat Amy McGrath is Losing big to Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Senate Race, according to a new poll by Morning Consult. The poll has her losing by 17 points to McConnell (53-36), which shows that running a Democrat that rejects progressive values and supports Brett Kavanaugh is not a good move, especially when they could have nominated a progressive like Charles Booker. "

Even if it would have been hard for Booker to defeat McConnell, he would have represented the issues of Black Lives Matter and Medicare for all. This all shows, however, the the corporate Democratic Party donors who fundraised heavily for McGrath would rather lose than promote progressive values

From Christo A.:


The progressives whether they go to sleep or not will be muffled and silenced as they were during the Obama years. Remember Occupy and how much support that received from the administration?


Not only did Occupy Wall Street (OWS) not “receive support” from the Obama regime, during the 2011-2012 winter Obama’s justice department made everything OWS did illegal so they would not re-emerge in spring.


Biden needs to do what HRC failed to do. Put a candidate who can has enthusiasm and generates the same. warren or bernie, and since he wants a female, warren. If he pick a black woman for a race based campaign with no issues like HRC ran he will be in danger of screwing the pooch. Tim Kuhn has 0 charisma and probably lost votes. Pick Warren, she has credentials and draws a crowd.

The Democrats don’t need a vision. They need to replace their current “Republican Lite” vision.

There, fixed it for you.


Were either party to field a popular candidate, the other would collapse.

Presumably, that is one reason that it is not done.


The Dinocrats do have a ‘vision’ beyond rigging the Primary again and ramming Biden down our throats, and they have been VERY clear about it:

“Nothing will Fundamentally Change”

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The Democrats don’t need a vision beyond electing Biden; they need to receive a vision from progressives about electing someone other than Biden. Otherwise, civilization and the Earth have almost no chance.


I wrote on another CD post that some sharp lawyer[Nader?] or some sharp progressive 501C4-501C3[Public Citizen? Common Cause? Economic Policy Institute? ]needs to get behind MOC to IMPEACH MCCONNELL-for gross malfeasance, i.e.,blocking REAMS of legislation.

Now I turn my attention to: Delegates to the Democratic Convention to stage a WALK-OUT “unless Bernie Sanders is named to replace Biden”~

!! Biden, the Senator from Mastercard, will not, @ this stage of his life, change his spots. He has already said that he is against Medicare for All [IN THIS PANDEMIC THAT IS CRIMINAL MALFEASANCE]; climate chaos is coming @ us all hard and fast! We haven’t GOT A MINUTE to waste severely and in a skinny minute transforming our energy systems to ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE forms. Drown the CEOs of all fossil fuel companies if necessary.

File criminal charges against Betsy DeVos who is blind and deaf to the need to keep schools closed until COVID is a thing of the past. She, too, is criminally corrupt and blind to anything but her narrowminded ideas-dismantling public education so her partisan ideas can be pushed in private schools.

File criminal charges against Trump for his dismantling of the CDC and his hounding of Fauci and his miserable neglect of human life –COVID did not have to wreak the miserable havoc it has, but TRUMP is a malignant narcissist with limited intelligence. Growing up under the brutal parentage of his father, Trump behaves like a spoiled, stunted toddler. [the racist malingering damage of the Electoral College must be emded.
etc etc etc

We need a President of FDR’s stature, who “welcomed the hatred” of reactionary political& economic venal forces. BERNIE SANDERS can be that President in this calamitous time.

SOOOOO, hurrah and attaboys to the BERNIE delegates who insist on M4All. They’ve already stuck their necks out–let them go for the greater gold of demanding that Senator Sanders be the nominee. He would wipe the floor with a Trump, a Pence, or any other criminal from the Party of Death. To be clear, Bernie’s ideas would prevail, but he seriously needs coaching from a tough rough debate coach to come out swinging in the Presidential debates. No gentlemanly Bernie; he MUST take off the gloves, come out swinging and NOT LET UP.

Tammy Duckworth !!

She is terrific as president if Joe slows.

there are over 16 million veterans.

As one Duck to another I would second that emotion.

dear Ruth,
The federal goons in Portland Oregon were not “troops”.
They are border guards at the Mexican / US border.
They are not trained in crowd control, are undisciplined and have inept leadership.

Troops are either US Army calvary or state highway police.

Trump still has the news cycle in his paw. Check out MSN news site. And many others. That is their bread and butter. Besides, he does have about 40% approval = 26% republicans + 14% independents.

pull a medicine that cures corona virus out of his hat in October, and he wins again.

Fairley; not too harsh by half. You enunciated better than I did what was on my mind. I, too, noticed the long-winded Trump issue section, as if we on CD needed instruction on any of that litany of terribleness. As you point out, the entrenched “leadership” in the D party is a yuuuge problem. In any other modern country, they Schumer and Pelosi would have been flushed down the commode where they so clearly belong. Not so here, where metastasised detritus hangs on until death.