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The GOP Candidates Know Nothing about Syria



Not to be outdone, along comes bescarfed Hillary in a Sopwith Camel, enforcing a no fly zone over Syria. See: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article43826.htm

The Russians, no problem, says the Amazon Warrior.


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The following presents an interesting set of theories that are NEVER mentioned in mainstream media.

According to Paul Craig Roberts, the Russians have a new weapon that can disable the communications systems used by U.S. military components.

Check out a deeper explanation than is usually aired:


Of course it makes sense to call for peace talks, but that presumes the countries involved, including the United States, want peace. The Obama regime change team certainly doesn't, nor does Hillary, who may as well take her place in line with the Republicans. This is hardly a Republicans, only, issue.


It was a pretty decent essay until Mr. Kiriakou wrote this:

"The Turks have an interest in protecting their border."

No, Mr. Kiriakou. As someone who presumably still has family in a neighboring country, you should know better. "The Turks" (more accurately the vile fascist Erdogan government) have an interest in cynically exploiting the violence and stirring the pot in as one part of their "final solution" to their "Kurdish problem" - just as they got rid of their "Armenian problem" just before World War I. It is a "worst-kept secret" that they are covertly supporting ISIL in order to do this.

A taste of what Erdogan is inflicting on the Kurdish people, who are largely libertarian-socialists, is here:


Very interesting video. Thank you for posting it.


Don't you just love the term" moderate rebels"?

To quote John Kiriakou: " They are not any more interested in democracy than Assad or the Islamic State itself."

And talk about total BS! Kerry has called them " the responsible opposition". If that quote was not such a sick lie, it would be extremely funny!


The article is rather tepid as it does not even begin to scratch at the underlying truth here which include.

1>The long held desire (since PNAC and before) of the Neocons In the USA and the Israeli Governmnet to break up Syria and Iraq into smaller states. In order to do this the US and Israel will fuel instability.

2>One of the tools they use is ISIS. ISIS is supported directly by the deep state in the USA with arms money and training. John Freaking McCain was photographed with prominent ISIS leaders. A General in Iraq during their recent recapture of Ramadi claimed that the US implemented plans to evacuate prominent ISIS leaders from the beseiged City into Turkey. The Governmnet of Iraq, along with that in Syria Russia and Iran all claim evidence of US collusion with ISIS.

3>Turkey is NOT trying to defend its borders. Erdogan wishes to expand them. He wants to annex the area where the Kurds live right to Mosul into an expanded Turkish State. He is also supplying Tatars in the Crimea with arms and pledging to support them in their struggles.

4>All of this stuff is amply documented and the seeds of the strategy being pursued available in "The Yinon Strategy" , "the Clean Break Strategy , the PNAC documents and the book the Grand Chessboard. The intent of the USA is to break up the states in the Middle east so they easier to control and then use the same radicals they are using there to destablize Russia which is the ultimate prize.

Putin and Lavrov have hinted all along that they know of these plans. They have both suggested if they do not defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq , they will be turned against Russia inside the regions where there large Muslim populations. These regions also just happen to be the center of the Eurasian landmass which it claimed in the Grand Chessboard a country needs to dominate in order to control the world.


Happy New Year Mr. John Kiriakou, and Thank YOU for all that you did for us and all that you are now doing- It is People like you make life worth living!


Yes! Despite the above criticisms of this article, this author is a national hero. He should have served two terms as President of the United States, rather than two years in prison. The world is upside down.


I totally agree- I'm sure he knows much more about these crises we are in and the what and why than most will ever know- Makes we wonder about Cybil Edmonds and her disgraceful treatment by FBI and the Courts for exposing higher ups in the State Department for passing on National Security Classified Nuclear Secrets to Turkish Agents- Must all somehow tie in to this NATO aggression within the Middle East and just maybe Russia... Yes, The world is upside down-
Happy New Year Zen!


Admire you, John, but you might as well put Hillary in that group, too.


Hey John .. so i agree with almost all the reasons we should be doing things differently than the Denizens of the Republican Clown Car are saying. And i agree that they know somewhere between nothing and almost nothing about Syria, nor our past actions and inactions. All this is beside the point. Oh, and you're asking the wrong questions too.

Ask instead: why did Rove/Cheney/Bush create 4 wars: a war on corporate and Rich&Feckless taxes, a war on terror, a war on Iraq, and a war in Afghanistan? Why did Rove/Cheney/Bush play a wicked game of Fiscal Brinkmanship with the US economy?

The answer to the first of those questions is that wars make a lot of static and noise which takes over the front pages (and equivalents in other media). What do you remember about the long difficult discussions about getting rid of Habeus Corpus? How did you like all the public input about what Homeland Security should look like? Do you remember the huge hassle about how to fund this biggest bureaucracy in Washington? As you've probably noted -- these things just sailed thru the political process with only a tiny bit of discussion -- nothing like the huge hassles i describe above.

And there's dozens, if not hundreds of other similar equally relevant questions, which added up to over 10 trillion dollars of expenses which didn't leave anything behind (like Eisenhower's national highway system, like Kennedy's NASA, like Johnson's Great Society, like Bush's --- nothing, the money just disappeared into the void.

Which brings up the other half of this 1st question: M O N E Y --- war is an excuse for astute politicians like Rove/Cheney/Bush to reward their friends by giving them lucrative contracts -- which they did by the billions.

The Fiscal Brinkmanship was a Rove specialty which comes out of the NeoCons. After 70 or so years of trying to end Social Security and other New Deal programs, and failing, failing, failing -- here was a plan to do it all at once.

1) Win the Presidency.with a candidate who is more teflon than Reagan (that was GWB who got blamed a fair amount but there were never any consequences -- like happened to Clinton who only got a bj from a cute young intern)
2)Bring the US to the edge of bankruptcy (they were almost there when the 2008 meltdown happened about 6 months too early)
3)Sell off any government function which they think might bring a profit to a private owner (Post Office, prisons, schools, all medical and health, Social Security, etc.)
4) Close down any government regulatory agencies which cause problems for their corporate and Rich&Feckless friends. (EPA, OSHA, FDA, Wall Street regulators, HHS, insurance regulators, etc, etc.)
5) Declare what i call their Republican Wet Dream Paradise! (And they were so close. And we -- the American People -- were sooooo lucky that the Meltdown happened when it did, and not 6 months or a year later)

If Romney had won in 2008, this process would be almost complete by now. Instead, President Obama happened, and he reversed many of these Republican Pushes, tho they're still pushing like mad

And that, John, is why the Republican Presidential contenders don't care about Syria in the ways you do. They're off following their star to the different goals that Rove/Cheney/Bush showed them..

So, remember, DEMOCRATS WHO DON'T VOTE (OR WHO VOTE MINOR CANDIDATES) ELECT REPUBLICANS. So, spend a lot of effort getting out the vote.



Happy New Year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDFCwpl1z7s


I guess what I posted here went over everyone's head. The average CD commenter would probably have trouble even finding Turkey on a map. And they couldn't care less about the Erdogan and the Kurdish struggle anyway unless it has something to do with a spooky conspiracy of the Illuminati new world order before which which we sit helpless at out keyboards...


Thanks for the musical link.

I had no idea that Guy Lombardo was a Canadian from "Londres", Ontario as the Spanish guy who put this up wrote. I had always assumed he was as New-York-Italian-USAn as Frank Sinatra.


Yes, it is a suspect statement. Thanks for pointing it out. I just took it as a diplomatic way of referring to the long lines of oil trucks that were backed up for hundreds of km at the border. Something any crooked politician would want to protect. And I gave him the benefit of the doubt as well regarding the longstanding Kurdistan issue. And that still seems likely to me but it's probably best to call it out. However, I am not sure who his intended audience is and one can be focusing on what might connect with that audience and not spread one's message too thin by covering too many points at one time.
Happy New Year to you and to John Kiriakou for being the only CIA officer who served prison time for torture, not for doing it but for making it public - to congress.


Even if the GOP Candidates knew anything about Syria, it would not matter to them. The same goes for Killary Rotten Clinton. They just want to see Assad gone. If he is overthrown, ISIS could control all of Syria. I'd rather have Russia be there to defend him than have the West be there to overthrow him.




I would also you up the ample reporting on the documents from the DIA


There are numerous other sources.