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The GOP Debate is What Oligarchy Looks Like


Bernie is not an oligarch. By definition, progressives cannot be dictators. Your reasoning is a convoluted attempt to deceive.


Painting all democrats with the same brush, another page out of the Kochs sucker manual.


Call it arrogance or browbeating, but that does not change the fact that in today’s dire situation, by not voting or voting third party we aid global warming, nuclear war, ecological and economic catastrophe and corporate fascism to grab the world by the throat.

Waiting for a revolution or for the Greens to win and hoping against all probability that it will result in better government is a luxury we can’t afford.


You misquoted me. I did not say Democrat. True, most Democrats have sold out in our rigged system of government, but that is the result of a 36% voter turnout due to voter suppression. Politicians in countries with near 100% voter turnout can’t sell out if they want to keep their jobs. In countries like Scandinavia, examples of the best democracies.


If you vote third party, or don’t vote, you vote for Republicans. Sad but true. Proportional representation would be the answer, one that Bernie espouses. People who want that will vote for him. With proportional representation, many of us, myself included, might vote third party.

People who want to make a statement by voting third party or not voting, even if it costs us a nuclear war, which Democrats would avoid and Republicans would abet, are wrong. It is a luxury that given the urgency of the day, we simply cannot afford.

But I am more sympathetic to the people that vote third party than to those that can vote but will not. People died for that right and many who want to vote are disenfranchised from voting. I don’t see anyone here fighting to give them back their right to vote. I mostly see people trying to get others not to vote by trying to make Democrats the equal of Republicans, or worse. Bad tactics at best, good shilling at its worst.


The Republicans espouse a discredited ideology. There agenda is harmful to democracy, freedom and capitalism. Democracy flourishes when all citizens are encouraged to vote, rich and poor alike. Freedom flourishes when secrecy is prohibited except in the most serious of security matters. Capitalism is at its strongest when all citizens enjoy the fruit of their labours. Republicanism forbids all these things!


You are DELUSIONAL! If you want to know what Oligarchy looks like you need not look any further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where the Traitorous FRAUD sits on his throne, or the Money Laundering Scheme that is called the CLINTON FOUNDATION. Hillary Clinton is a CRIMINAL and the very fact that she is still free to move about the country Proves there are two sets of Laws in this country; one for the Oligarchs and the other for the Peasants! Both Political Parties in Congress are in collusion together and could care less about the American People. The Oligarchs and Statists that control Washington want you little Sheeple to take sides and fight amongst yourselves about who is better, Dems or Repubs. You are playing right into their game. Enjoy your Bread and Circuses, you are THE RABBLE in their Eyes! Grow a Brain!!


FTFY means “Fixed that for you.” Different than misquoting you.


More pseudo intellectual word salad.

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