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The GOP Elites Have Themselves to Blame


The GOP Elites Have Themselves to Blame

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

From their “Dark Money” bagman Karl Rove to their philosophical guru David Brooks, the GOP elites are in a tizzy over saving the Republican Party from Donald Trump and the other intruders, extremists and crackpots who have fallen in behind Trump as if he were the Pied Piper of Hamelin. But who will save the party from the elites?


There are myriad candidates for former Speaker of the House John Boehner’s seat.


And what do the Dem elites have to show for themselves…Hillary Clinton! This is pathetic.
Jill Stein for President. Stop voting for evil, the greater or the lesser.


The Democratic elites have only themselves to blame.


That’s what i meant! :wink:

And fewer and fewer downticket Dems will win with HRC at the helm.


With all due respect, Mr. Moyers… you sure left out the elephant in the room! Religion!

Remember that line about scoundrels hiding behind religion and patriotism? Thus to those who ask why voters vote in these scumbags, the answer is that all of them wrap themselves in both the flag (equating patriotism with a rabid wish to drop bombs on brown people) and religion: Christian Fundamentalism, for the most part, although quite a few Catholics can be shepherded along so long as there’s lots of noise made about abortion.

It’s been proven again and again that the GOP base is mostly composed of white, Evangelical Christians. And that’s why it’s so important to discuss this issue… since most of the platforms this group is seduced into supporting are precisely what Christ would never do:

  1. Violate international treaties that turn war of aggression into THE SUPREME crime against humanity

  2. Cheat on elections by gerrymandering voting districts, turning Black citizens into felons so that they will not be allowed to vote; and not counting many votes at all (or altering them through covert computer programs–Ohio, 2004 as but one example).

  3. Do unto one’s neighbors–should they be Muslim or Hispanic–as one should NEVER do unto a neighbor.

Cruz is a devil. Marco Rubio probably couldn’t read a marching order he would not follow. Trump thinks he was born to be king–with Divine Right of king, a given. Hillary is a water carrier for the MIC (and big banks).

These people violate everything Christ taught.

Until THAT fact is brought out into the open, millions of fools will vote for these GOP clowns because they are white; and so long as there’s no evidence that they cheat on their wives… so long as they go to church. (Hillary is still a Goldwater girl GOP.)

The word hypocrite is FAR too kind for them. Most are devils.


Given the preponderance of evidence that anyone outside the duopoly will be treated as a hostile witness (to U.S. elections, theoretical Democracy, and general government positions), and seeing how Mr. Sanders is shut out of the spotlight ALL the time…

It’s OBVIOUS that Jill Stein wouldn’t get so far as the first step. So why keep pushing this?

More support for Sanders is the ONLY thing that could begin to shift the status quo that gives all the public’s money to banks and wars… while Mother Nature bleeds, our food is being tainted, treaties are about to sign away the last of human rights and capacity for legal redress, water systems are being poisoned without consequence, and cops are being militarized in many urban centers.

This is a ridiculous chorus line at this particular point in time.


The only thing that is ridiculous is supporting the current two party system. How’s that worked out for you?


Well them folk down Kansas and Texas and Louisiana way do not need them no gubmint. They got them their guns and if they need them an education well they can go out and hunt for one.


If anything the current process should demonstrate that trying to change the democratic party from within will not work unless there some miracle in upcoming primaries.

If the people who supported Sanders support Clinton in the election nothing will have changed. The Establishment will know that they can count on that support no matter who they select as a presidential candidate. While voting a third party like Ms Stein is seen as a waste by some, just what exactly is a vote for Clinton?

A third way MUST happen in the USA and progressives can not wait another 8 years to see if maybe this time the Democratic Party will go along.


Sanders is hardly a Conventional Democrat and the way the mass media and the Democratic party is treating him is proof positive.

Also proof positive is that the duopoly has a virtual deadlock on the Presidential contest.

So you can talk about Jill Stein or “how’s the two party system working out for you” all you like. The FACT is… it has a stranglehold on available choices.

Sanders made a tactical decision (which I think was probably the only decision that could get him this far) to work within that duopoly… the party hotshots never thought he’d get this much traction. That’s why they have used the MSM to insist that he’s not electable, that Hillary is the presumptive winner (way before the numbers were in); and leaned on the super-delegates (many of whom are party insiders) to assure that Sanders could not win.

So while fakes like you (pretending to be “more Leftist than thou”) undermined Sanders, it’s people like YOU who have a lot to answer for.


With respect (and I don’t want to speak for her), I don’t think Siouxrose is advocating in any way voting for HRC in the general election. She is speaking of the here and now.


I agree…

Obama came in as a championed alternative to the Bush Junta. Who thought he’d continue to appoint the same Wall St. insiders to continue bank bailouts; and who thought he’d continue (and even expand upon) the Bush Junta’s wars? Furthermore, who thought he’d go after whistleblowers and important truth tellers…

So the collapse of hope and change under Obama was real.

Then Occupy Wall St emerged, and some think Mr. Sanders’ positions have built on that momentum.

My point is that there comes a time where shoving lies down peoples’ throats dressed up as hope and change no longer works. It reminds me of a body building up resistance to specific fake medicines… presented as cures.

One could envision the disenfranchised U.S. population (many millions of persons) as a river bursting its prior banks. I can’t say where the liberated tributaries will run…

However, what’s evident is that the system–as is–is not serving anyone apart from the 1% and the corporate overlords and if these sickos manage to push TPP and TIPP through, added to the NDAA and Patriot Act… then any semblance of Democracy or a Free People is flushed.

Even so, it’s difficult for a relative handful of dynastic families to manage 6.5 billion persons… that’s why they set up the War on Terror… through false flags, major campaigns of propaganda, distributing weapons to “both sides,” and inflaming the world as a pretext to direct the many armed guards AT the people.

As they pillage the best lands, poison millions of children (on a global scale), and hide behind their gilded, gated mansions like a replay of Versailles… their major aim is CONTROL.

Whatever Deity set up this human experiment placed free will as its centerpiece. Thus these demigods masquerading as humanity’s overlords are in violation of that quintessential precept.

Many smart economists predict a major global financial reset. I see the moral equivalent…

Watch for falling debris.


In my view, Suspira is one of the most diversified commentators. He can speak with intelligence on many subjects. In contrast, this forum has PLENTY of “one trick ponies” or those whose only arena of interest is a narrow issue.

He knows I am not a Clinton supporter.

While human beings may have unlimited potentials, the times we’re navigating are those of uber-controls set by elites.

Those of us who view 911 as a false flag understand HOW it was used to spread terror and through doing so, create a pretext for beefing up armed forces and all sorts of so-called Security Protocols. Every one of these is an attack on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and check-balances on government powers.

It is a very dangerous time.


I love Dr. Jill Stein, but I have to agree that is not a pragmatic choice in 2016 unless it comes down to a HRC/Trump for POTUS, then I will support her as a protest vote.

For all Bernie’s foreign policy votes, he is not the lesser evil, because if Trump gets the Republican nomination for POTUS Bernie will be the antidote for the miasma of the most evil of candidates for POTUS.


I never thought Obomber was a real progressive, hence I never voted for him - either time. Jill Stein (or whoever the Greens nominate) is my go-to alternative for the Fall if it’s not Bernie. Hillary MUST lose the Presidency, no matter what else happens. I’m hoping that Bernie’s promise to endorse Hillary if she is the nominee consists of “I endorse Sec. Clinton”, and he never says another word about her, never lifts a finger to campaign for her. Four years of a “Trumpster fire” would probably be bumbling and ineffectual, and then we get a shot at putting a real progressive up against him.


Anybody paying attention.


Acknowledged and I had high hopes for Mr Sanders yet as I mentioned from the very beginning what Sanders has done is open the peoples eyes to other possibilities that are not just ways of reinforcing the status quo.

HRC or Trump WILL be a disaster, not only for the peoples of the USA but peoples the world over. There are millions of peoples in the USA who do not go along with that same BS of enriching the 1 percent and perpetuating the war machine. Let this be a catalyst for them. Build something new.

While I still do not agree Sanders a Socialist, peoples in the USA are now willing to entertain the possibility of Socialism as the underpinning of an economy and he helped to get them there. I would hate to see that momentum lost and people flock back to HRC.


I voted for Stein, not Obama an election cycle ago.

Those who play this little game of spite–wishing onto not just America, but the world, a Trump Presidency–lose sight of the fact that climate change’s tipping points are spreading misery in ways the MSM does not cover.

That is why I often leave the following link… since pictures ARE worth 1000 words.

I’ve brought this up before: that economists view the world through a fiscal prism, and those who study political cycles view the world through that limited frame, and so forth.

The FACT of the matter is that the planet–as a living being–does not have 4 years to wait… in your view (and it’s shared by others either honestly, or because you all read from the same hymnal) during that 4 years, the U.S. citizenry will arguably “wake up.”

Those who really read what’s going on understand that at best Trump has the backing of maybe 23% of the U.S. voting public.

Mr. Morris has an excellent piece (on C.D. today) explaining just how many MILLIONS of citizens are disenfranchised by past felony charges, would-be felonious voter redistricting (a/k/a gerrymandering), and the new voter I.D. laws.

I get very upset with the forum posters who take the limited demographic that salivates over a chimp like Trump and from that sector generalizes about the character of the entire nation.

I HATE this sort of generic deception.

What is now on view is how deviously the Entrenched Interests (and their paid-for political parties) will operate in order to maintain THEIR status quo… while working to maintain the illusion of Democracy and Choice.

The illusion this time may not hold.

Sanders is the most morally sound candidate with the best vision for this nation. I’d like him to offer Jill Stein a significant cabinet post.


Gee…and no one’s been able to counter them, only coddle & emulate them. Guess who? This is failure on both sides. Everybody with eyes know it. Not only does the republican party need a bloodletting at the polls, so do the democrats. Let it begin with this election cycle. They all need to go.