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The GOP Has Declared War on Democracy


The GOP Has Declared War on Democracy

Ari Berman

Many in the media are portraying the Republicans’ move to invoke the nuclear option to confirm Neil Gorsuch as a mere squabble over Senate rules, the latest example of hyper-partisanship in Washington that both parties are equally responsible for.


This doesn't happen here:


The "GOP declared war on democracy" when Saint Ron was elected in 1980 and the Democrats declared war on democracy when they formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985.

The US is at the end of stage 4 democracy destruction and entering stage 1 fascism.


We do not have a free press, we have a corporate press watching out for their interests and interests of their advertisers.


"...one Party believes in Democracy, and the other does not."

Just not when it comes to giving us the Presidential Candidate we want, which would have avoided this whole passel of current Disasters.


Clearly, they elected Trump as the face of the party. A racist, neofascist, compulsive liar, play dirty, deals on the line of all out corruption, cheating, money mongering, sorry human beings with no love of the constitution or the country. They have taken over the country with the help of the do nothing democrats.


What you mean-um "Do-Nothing DamnocRats," Kemo Sabe – If it weren't for Dirty Debbie and the Stupor-Delegates REAL democracy might have had a chance!  Bernie stirred up The People, and when they were thwarted by the DNC's plotting then many of them turned to Tweetle-Dumb out of sheer frustration with the NeoLiberal Establishment and the Status Quo.


I was going to go with Newt's Contract on America in '94 for the 'Republicans' and the 2002 ratification of the Cheneybush coup for the 'Democrats'. But your argument is valid.


The Republican Party declared war on democracy DECADES ago.
So far, so good.