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The GOP Is a Dangerous Cult That Democrats Should Not Negotiate With

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/16/gop-dangerous-cult-democrats-should-not-negotiate


There is no negotiating with someone who hates you.

Fuck the GQP.

They have made their choice of who they represent, “Conspiracy Theorists, White Supremacists, Criminal Politicians and Liars.”


Dear Joe, remember that it the official policy of the US not to negotiate with terrorists and the Republicans have revealed themselves to be and/or harbor terrorists. Show them no quarter, unless it be at GTMO or at least a supermax facility.


Enough already, Prof. Reich. As if Democrats have a choice.
Please think before you disseminate such nonsense.


Kill the Filibuster and worry a lot less about negotiations with the rabid clowns


America now has a worse problem than Europe has recently had with ISIS.

In many ways, its the same. The GOP is now radicalized with lies, in a way similar to the way ISIS works. And it is the same sort of violent, extremist ideology. It is impossible to talk to them, because everything they believe is a lie. And once they walk away from shouting at you and your attempt to tell them some truth, they’ll go back to their radical Imans on the internet, like Alex Jones and Donald Trump, and be fed another heaping portion of lies.

And, even worse, ISIS never had a network like FAUX News pumping out the radicalization. The QOP has three such networks. Imagine ISIS with unimpeded satellite channels to spread their lies and their message of hate. America is in for a far worse time that what Europe has just gone through with ISIS.


Happy Anniversary Chapdrum.


Bob, you wrote:
“Barring Trump from ever holding public office again. Expelling Trump’s co-conspirators from Congress.”

Neither will occur. Nancy messed up the impeachment guilty possible and gave Mitch the bitch all he needed to acquit.

The voters can expel co-conspirators from senate and house. The actual individuals who planned, financed, organized, hired goons and arranged assassins do need to be found and prosecuted. Gitmo for life in a tent and loss of American citizenship. I will not be surprised to find a sycophant business immigrant in the mix from eastern Europe.


PonyBoy: That’s right nice o’ you.

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The GOP has been an organized crime syndicate enabled by a cult following and complicit Democrats going back to Newt’s 1995 contract on America. The Clintons and Obamas are among the complicit Democrats.


Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler in 1938 to bring about nearly a full year of peace in Europe, so why shouldn’t O’Biden and P’Loser negotiate with Tweetle-Dumb and Turtle-Face?

Political party as cult. Interesting though. And frightening.

The unspoken part of that policy is there there is no need to negotiate with something you create, arm, fund, train and direct. The GOP meet all those criteria too.


More timely, truthful words rarely spoken of late: The violent racist world exploited by the previous regime and its dementia-challenged delusional fantasist/narcissist must be smashed, along with mass belief in utter fantasy and delusional BS, not negotiated with - to give that malignant world view any recognition or acceptance except to excoriate its madness and divisive racist blather is a fools errand.

"We either have a future based on lies, violence, and authoritarianism—or on unyielding truth, unshakeable civility, and democracy. Biden and the Democrats must fight for the latter. And we must make them." - Robert Reich

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I have posted this before on several forums but it seems to be worth posting again given the current worldview of the Republican party.

“Beware. Someone who forces you to keep the peace will not be content with winning once. Someone so implacable about defeating your purposes, so contemptuous of things dear to you, is an enemy you will do well to recognize, no matter the nature of your connection heretofore. What is at issue with such a person is not this problem, dated and located, an irrelevant solution to which you have accepted only to avoid discord. To that other person, those other persons, what is at issue between you is whether her purposes or yours will prevail, his or yours, theirs or yours. Neither temporal nor spatial boundaries can confine it. Not reason but only power will resolve it.” (Alice Koller, ‘The Stations of Solitude’)


Well said, and spot on. We are far past the point of compromising with the GOP, which has submitted itself to the Cult of Trumpism.


Grow up.

IMHO, it’s you who needs to grow up.   I further suggest you learn to recognize bitter sarcasm when you read it.

I.E.  What good was a few months of “peace” when it was followed by the Holocaust and 5½ years of total war?  Any attempt to negotiate with the filth that now control the GOP will eventually result in a similar outcome, but the disaster would likely last FAR longer.  The U.S. came to England’s rescue in the 1940s, but who is going to rescue us if we fol­low a similar path in the 2020s??

My real worry – considering that O’Bummer and P’Loser failed to hold either the War Criminals or the Banksters to ac­count in 2009, that O’Bummer mentored O’Biden, and P’Loser is even more corrupt & senile now than she was then – is that these lily-livered korporate stooges WILL negotiate with the 'Poop-Lickans.


Stalin did the same thing, and less than two years later German troops were sitting on the outskirts of Moscow. The lesson here? NEVER, EVER trust a fascist to honor a “deal”.


Instead of the GOP, Biden could compromise with the left - could push for Medicare For All, could end sanctions on leftists governments like Venezuela and Cuba, could re-enter the JCPOA, could actually push for the $15 minimum wage in the relief package.