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The GOP Is a Dangerous Cult That Democrats Should Not Negotiate With

Perhaps we should take a cue from the citizens of Myanmar. After quietly “relocating” foodstuffs and medical supplies needed by the country’s military junta, workers there declared a general strike, and ground commerce to a halt.


Alas, Ernestine, we are not as unified in purpose or widely educated or truthfully and fully informed enough as a people to act for the Common Good. the result of decades of wealth co-opting the narrative, millions controlled as wage and debt/interest slaves, lied-to and channeled into mindless advertisement pablum or divided racism of the world and the resulting shallow, ignorant views of life on planet earth - the last 4-5 years of the orange criminal madness to divide and conquer for personal aggrandizement inflamed the already fractured hope of building together - working for the Common Good against common greed, global pollution/poisoning, self interest and profits above all else - the celebrity society of 15 minute fame and attention spans. Many cultures, like the courageous people of Burma have not lost that, or had it financially beaten out of them. Peace be with you.

Each time I gaze upon that photograph of Mr. Reich, the one that accompanies his writings posted here, I’m hit with the same deep feelings of disappointment I experience when I see a photo or read mention of Bernie Sanders. I think about how Sanders and Reich, smart and capable men both, know well that the unDemocratic Party is irrevocably corrupted by and addicted to big money, and will never again be “the party of the people” the country so desperately needs. I think about how, despite having this knowledge, they continue to pretend otherwise, still serving up the lie that the unDemocratic Party might somehow be turned around by their (and our) continued investment in the so obviously unredeemable.

I think about how men like Sanders and Reich could set an alternative political party like the Peoples Party on fire, the dramatic impact they could have even at this late stage of rot in our systems of government. Some of us, if only by virtue of their relative positions in our society, have a much greater than average capacity to influence the course of things, politics and government included. Sanders and Reich are such men. AOC and others of the so called Progressive Caucus have that capacity, as well. Assuming for the sake of discussion that they are sincere in their professed progressivism, they still continue to fail the American people, for they are the ones having the capacity to motivate large numbers to the only, only, only path to progressive government in the United States of America, a genuinely progressive, new political party that can effectively oppose the duopoly in our seats of power. Mr. Reich could make that kind of a difference, if only he would.


Much as I admired Sanders – I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” for Pres & V.P. in 2012, 2016 and 2020 – I’m afraid he has passed his “use by” date, and no longer has the influence that could have built a successful third party in 2016.  I’ve never been a big fan of Reich — he just seems (not unlike me) to just enjoy spouting off.

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I believe you hit on the moment when Sanders had an excellent opportunity to dramatically change politics in America for the better, when he could have laid out before the American people his plan for making government work for them, finally affording them a legitimate shot at meaningful change and just letting them decide. That time, as you point out, was during the 2016 campaign when he could have and should have gone third party in a very big way, with Clinton and her party literally daring him to do it and he crapped out. It was then that we knew (or should have known) with great clarity that Bernie was just another unDemocratic Party fraud posing as a progressive.

As for Reich, he’s very smart, clearly understands the issues and, imo, well understands that the unDemocratic Party will never be the answer. I believe he could make a big enough impact in third party politics if he were interested. Sadly, I don’t see him doing it.

Thanks for responding.

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Honestly, when I see a Reich article now, I want to log off Common Dreams for long enough to forget about it

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O’Bummer? P’Loser?

Like I said, grow up.

Well-deserved descriptive titles earned by more than a decade each of hypocrisy, and betrayal of most of those who voted for them.*   Cheney, Haspel, Mnuchin, Prince, Yoo & many, many others were never even investigated – much less brought to trial – because of their failed policy of “Building Unity by Looking Forward, Not Back.”   If those two ly­ing scumbags had done their jobs in 2009 we wouldn’t have been stuck with Tweetle-Dumb (the tweeting, stupid ee-pitomization of Lewis Carroll’s irascible Tweedle-Dum) in 2016.   And now O’Biden – a clone of O’Bummer – still has good old (very old) P’Loser to help him make sure that no real progress whatsoever is made in undoing the underly-
ing causes of the rise of Trumpism in the first place — the abandonment of the working class by the DimWit-Rats.

*  I confess to being suckered by O’Bummer’s false message of “Hope You Can Believe In” and voting for him in 2008, hence my bitterness at being doubly betrayed in 2009.  And that’s not even counting O’Bummer and P’Loser opposing the inclusion of a public option in the ACA, and their continued opposition to M4A — which makes their failure a triple (that thankfully doesn’t directly affect an old curmudgeon like me.)