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The GOP Is Embracing More Ruthless Power Grabs in the Face of Huge Political Challenges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/27/gop-embracing-more-ruthless-power-grabs-face-huge-political-challenges

I honestly thought the Baby Bush administration would be the last gasp of the troglodytes. Then came the Tea Party and now Trump. The idiocy just grows exponentially in how the regressives recruit their voters. As this article indicates, voter suppression, which is nothing new, grows evermore sophisticated, as it is funded by the likes of the Kochs, who we have to admit to have long-term vision and plenty of smokey back room parlors from which to orchestrate their misanthropy. Somehow, their fear-and-hate tactics must be destroyed and every available progressive must vote, even if is for the lesser evil. Yes there is a duopoly, but the People’s plight clearly is worse off with the schemers. Pragmatic Progressives must cast aside some of our idealism in this War.
Nevertheless, BERNIE not Biden 2020!


You can bet Texas will never do the right thing by the voters. Our state is so gerrymandered that it has been ruled to be unconstitutional by appellate courts, only to be knocked back down by the 5th Circuit court of Appeals and now the Supreme Court.
Corporations and the wealthy will rule into eternity. Not a pleasant thought. Concentration camps at the border are only a sample of what is to come.

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What you write sounds true to fact and it is frightening.