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The GOP Is on the Road to Mass Lockups for Women Who Have Miscarriages

There are a lot of other reasons as well that it may be a good time to invest in medical services south of the border, despite the considerable problems post-NAFTA with border violence.

Not everybody remembers, but abortions were a hopping business along the border fifty or so years ago. And back then, medical services were considerably better within the United States than they are today. People walked in to a doctor’s office, had an appointment that usually lasted for longer than the current three minutes, and counted bills out of their wallets to pay in full on the way out.

Currently, a medical business in Tijuana, Mexicali, Juarez, or the like could offer reasonably priced medication and treatment as well as abortion services to women. Mexico City, being the easiest to fly to, might be most accessible for many.

Services should be available locally, of course. But Americans don’t have much handle on the electoral system these days. It’s likely that abuses will increase.

Yes, the freedom to exploit and control others having no power or money… US is turning into a large prison colony where the masters [guards] control everything

Maybe that’s why they are building the Wall, to keep USA’ns in!

Just how will these states keep track of pregnant females to make sure they cannot leave the state for an abortion? The state will need to be informed when a woman becomes pregnant so that the state can monitor her pregnancy and arrest her if she has a miscarriage. Closing the few abortion providers will be easy , but establishing a police state to monitor the reproductive cycles of women will be harder. I fear that if doctors and labs are required to report positive pregnancy tests to the state some women and girls will hesitate to get medical care. You notice even as they demand that women have the baby, regardless of the circumstances, they are mum when it comes to doing something about the high number of maternal and infant deaths in those states.

The folks languishing (though I might use a different word to describe incarceration) in prison due to drug laws are primarily men and women of color. The laws were subverted to target these groups: crack was heavily penalized and cocaine got a free ride in the justice system. Marijuana has long been used to penalize users and those who sell…the real drug brokers (the govt) pretends to fight drugs but that is a ruse to steal our tax dollars. The goal of incarceration historically, for black men, was and is to subvert the family unit. On that score, the govt has won.

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I’m well aware that Joe Biden is and always has been a Democrat. He was also a big time drug warrior though.