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The GOP Is Trying to Steal Away Our Right To Vote—Time to Fight Like Hell to Keep It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/04/gop-trying-steal-away-our-right-vote-time-fight-hell-keep-it

We the People must demand legislation be enacted, passed, and enforced, that completely removes any Federal Funding of any sort, from any state in the country that has discriminating laws on their books that affect any racial group from any aspect of the voting process.

We the People must demand an Amendment to the Constitution that makes any discriminatory legislation “Unconstitutional” and "Illegal."

just to point out–the Democrats have done exactly NOTHING to protect the right to vote since they passed the VRA–that is over 50 years and three Democratic administrations who let the Republicans steal elections repeatedly–why they even engaged in a little voter suppression themselves–just to make sure the corporate approved candidate gets the nod–repeatedly-- in that same period–this is a clear case of being punked by the liars in the Democratic party

22% of Mail-In Votes Never Get Counted
Jim Crow is Hiding in the Mailbox

  • by Greg Palast