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The GOP Is Working Stealthily to Shred Health and Financial Protections for Ordinary Americans


The GOP Is Working Stealthily to Shred Health and Financial Protections for Ordinary Americans

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The bars opened early in Washington and elsewhere last Thursday, as more than 19 million Americans tuned in when the networks and cable news channels carried live former FBI director James B. Comey’s riveting testimony in the intensifying scandals around President Trump.


With Comey’s testimony being but one example of the serial distraction smokescreen Trump provides 24/7 to enable the GOP controlled Congress to enact their sinister agenda, Congress will never attempt to unseat Trump no matter how many crimes he commits.

Besides, Congressional Republicans know they need Trump’s voters to support them in the 2018 elections and so much as accusing Trump of spitting on the sidewalk will divert Trump voters’ support to other candidates or sitting out the election.


Well… here we are, about 30 hours after Jeff Sessions’ grilling by the Senate Committee, and narry a peep about it here on Common Dreams. WHAT GIVES?


So what would it have taken for Obama and democrats to pass medicare for all???how much time did the democrats spend on healthcare???Letting Snow and Collins gum up everything,adding all kinds of amendments then not voting for the bill in the end----and democrats had 60 votes. Who passed the giant bail out of the banks and wall street----democrats.

What is the democrat agenda for the common people(the owners)of this country???

I watched a town hall with Dianne Feinstein—the people were shouting for single payer—Feinstein looked on in dis-belief----ow no these people are waking up.

Support people who support the COMMONS!


The American people really have no health or financial security
and it is primarily because of the cowardly, useless, war-prone Democrats.

We know the Republicans are enemies of the poor and working class, but
and even more malevolent enemy is the Democrats.


Big Insurance sat in the room with Max Baucus to ‘help’ him relabel RomneyCare as ObamaCare.

Wall St sat in the room with Chris Dodd to ‘help’ him write Dodd-Frank.

The Republicans want to shred health and financial protections on behalf of their corporate masters. The Democrats want to pretend they’re doing more than running interference for their corporate masters.

The American people are waking up.