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The GOP Just Tilted So Far Right They Damn Near Fell Off the Map


The GOP Just Tilted So Far Right They Damn Near Fell Off the Map

If you haven't heard, the clowns took over the GOP circus today with a lunatic vengeance, successfully ousting House Speaker John Boehner, who announced his resignation, and loudly celebrating his demise at the annual Jesus-loving, fringe-pandering, gay-Islam-abortion-hating revival meeting that is the Values Voter Summit. God! Guns! Bibles! Freedom! Christmas! Kim Davis! Prediction for the post-Boehner GOP: "The living will envy the dead."


Its interesting that the republicans have failed to really do anything since they took control of congress. And they could over play their hand as we go into the 2016 election-maybe the democrats will wake up??????-Its easy to say no to everything,but more of a challenge to put solutions forward-and as they put ideas out there we see their real values.


They have control of the house and the senate, the white house is a big question mark, it says it has veto power...at 64 I've been around a while, over the last 2 terms the I have been disappointed at all most every turn, I understand why things are done the way that they are but being faced with a failed state in chaos is not my idea of a good time...take a good look around you, do you see anything close to be sane?...guess I'll go buy a bible to blend in but I will not goto church, carry a gun or pledge alliegence (can't spell) to a police state...someone somewhere will come and set our people FREE


When Boehner is the face of reason...


Unless the average American voter wakes up, this is our future---"idiocracy a la far right." I for one do not plan on sticking around if it gets any worse than it is. A simple life in the Kalahari desert where I sleep on the ground and prop my head up with my elbow to keep nasty bugs out of my ears seems appealing now, lol.


Value voters...lol..what a fkn name...It is just another rally of stupid brought to you by...Teabaggers....Their ignorance knows no bounds..


everything you said here fits into a nut-shell...Perfect


The fact that Boehner is a Catholic and resigned just after the Pope spoke words of unwelcome wisdom to the US Congress probably wasn't worth mentioning in the article...


With what corporations are not being forced to do to slow down global warming Gaia may be the one that sets us free! :worried:




Actually, Senator Sanders is to the "right" on some issues, based on national and international affairs at that time. See the George McGovern for President: 1984 Campaign Brochure.

Today's Democrats have absolutely no inkling whatsoever what it means to be Democrat.


Go West Young Man, Go West...used to be the mantra of those escaping eastcoast.

But there is no longer a frontier into which one can escape the status quo.

If you find one let me know, cause I don't want to dedicate my remaining years to putzing with stupid that knows no boundary.

I've often thought a synthetic floating island community in international waters might work.


He experienced enlightenment in his visit with the pope.
Once a person gains insight, there is no going back.

Nothing so Powerful as an Idea whose Time has Come.
Become the Change or Die in the Stagnation.

Biggest challenge with Enlightenment is that you still have return
and do the dishes, keep the house clean, work on the car, clean the yard,
pass bills, govern the state, do your job...etc.


she will be wise and set her self free from this infestation called human(oids)


oh how very true...? just what is a demo-crat? no one knows anymore thank you for that


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Max, oh dear Max, everyone knows the earth is flat, the sun revolves around the earth...it's levitation just watch as I mediate in space, it keeps me from falling off...okay, poor joke


I think the current situation is do to the corrupting influence of money and not wanting to be noticed-the republicans-the democrats do things but tend to work in the interest of corporations,such as the ACA. The house republicans did pass votes against the ACA-but my point is now that the republicans control congress they have not sent a bill to Obama to veto over the repeal of the ACA act.The same could be said of the current budget to be done-the republicans could pass a budget bill that reflects their values-instead they want to shut down the government. And this is also the media failing to ask the rep real questions about what they stand for.

In comparing Reagun to Bernie Sanders-Reagan made it popular to hate unions-Reagan started the process of cutting social security,Reagan cut taxes for the 1%.--but also remember Reagan expanded the earned income tax credit-and why did they do this-so the minimum wage could stay low helping corporations. And as Reagan talked about the deficit being out of control-it would be Reagan and the Bush's who would create massive deficits-and then of course use this as an excuse as to why social programs needed to be cut.

As Bernie Sanders attempts to get his message out the media will be hard at work to co-opt the message and prevent it from being heard by hard working Americans and those on the edge. And as those who see the response that Bernie Sanders is getting,more people who support common values will run for office and expand on this message. But be real, fear of the other has been drilled into our heads from birth-the cold war and now terrorism -so taking on the MIC is a tall order.