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The GOP on the Eve of Destruction


The GOP on the Eve of Destruction

Bill Moyers

For reasons hard to fathom, the Republicans seem to have made up their minds: they will divide, degrade and secede from the Union.

Turn on your TV or computer, pick up a paper or magazine and you can see and hear them baying at the moon.


Right on the button Bill.

They don’t care. Seems simple but it remains true. The want only the rich to have a say in the direction the country takes.

Sadly that means make the peasants pay as has been said by the Nobles of yore. Republicans have lost a taste for democracy and are savoring oligarchy temporarily. Like all short sighted people they only look at the immediate future. The benefits that can be argued right now not decades hence. Climate change is denied because they don’t see it right this second (it isn’t dire enough for them to admit it yet).

Democracy was always to give the little guy a say. Republicans can’t see the profit in that. For them and the powers they serve, democracy is an inconvenience and often gets in the way of them getting want they want right now.


“Remember the opening phrase of the Preamble to the Constitution committing “We, the People” to the most remarkable compact of self-government ever – for the good of all? The Republicans are shredding that vision as they make a bonfire of the hopes that inspired it and, in the process, reduce the United States to a third-rate, sorry excuse for a nation.”

I think the real factor is Big Money. That Big Money has taken over our nation and bribed both parties to do its bidding.

When Obama can continue the wars to feed The Beast (MIC)

When Obama can put the same banksters and Wall St. executives into decision-making capacities

When Big Corporations can write the rules that will govern trade, and these rules are determined behind closed doors

And corporations also got to define educational standards, while insurance companies wrote mandatory “purchase insurance” laws…

And now Corporations hold leaders hostage and impair them from doing what MUST be done to offset climate-related chaos…

The conclusion: “Houston, WE have a problem.”

True, the Republicans cater to a more tribal sect… one that is all too identified with the white Christian brand and its macho for war, guns and a gun-loving (Mars) god…

Nonetheless, apart from pumping up the Neanderthal part of the collective’s psyche, the Republicans have been too often aided and abetted by the equally purchased Dems.

It’s the fervent hope of many that Mr. Sanders NOT turn out to be yet another.


At this point, Republicans are selling themselves to the biggest spenders, accumulating funds for 2016. They will resume pandering to the middle class soon enough. Democrats, meanwhile, have retained their tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and at this point, it looks like they will lose 2016. Middle classers will be perplexed, and liberals will run in circles blaming the defeat on voter suppression or whatever. Reality is, Democrats can’t win elections with only the votes of a portion of middle class Democrats.

It’s necessary to understand that the poor – AND those who get why unrelieved poverty is such a critical issue – voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit national discussion about our poverty crisis. He did mention it a few times, and Democrats and liberals were clearly not interested. Democrats began 2015 by agreeing to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled, and scheduled yet another SSI freeze for 2016, while protecting the routine annual handouts to corporations and the rich. And, of course, we maintain our war on the jobless poor, in a country that has (the last I heard) 7 jobs for every 10 people who are struggling to find one. Democrats just can’t seem to resist targeting those who can’t hit back. Through it all, liberals remain content with a meaningless pep rally for the middle class.


If you know how to end a war without major repercussions, let us know. Americans need to understand that you can’t turn off war the way you can turn off a war movie. At the very least, the US is dependent on Mideast oil, and this ensures that we will remain engaged in war(s) indefinitely. We can continue talking about alternative energy, as we’ve been doing since at least the late 1960s, but we lack the money and power to do anything more than talk about it.


We don’t lack the money to switch to alternative power sources . It’s just being spent on other things .


Remember, the Repugnant strategy of the last eight years was to have an undercover Repugnant masquerading as a Dumbocrat, to drag the rest of the Dumbos along with the Repugnant program, by calling it bipartisanship.

  • Now, we are looking at another undercover R running as a D, and in bed with the 0,001%, the Military, and the profits of unending, ever-expanding, war. No doubt, in addition to getting a lot of votes from those fearing the crazies of the Repugnancy, as a female, she’ll get a lot of knee-jerk votes from the feminist population.
  • Recall the quote from a recent article in CD. Two pundits were interviewing each other and the question of Wall Street’s preference in the election. The answer was “Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. They know the score and we would be comfortable with either one.”
  • Surely, this should give one a pretty good idea of what we are up against. Either one will be an obedient sock puppet for the Oligarchy.
  • Frankly, I hope this ushers in the Decline and Fall of the US Fourth Reich’s Empire, and I hope it doesn’t take as long as the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.


Actually the United States is currently producing a surplus of petroleum and the carbon cartel is asking permission to sell this tactically essential finite resource abroad but that is neither here nor there. Te problem we made in the ME is that of a power vacuum and the there is no responsible coalition to govern the area available.
As for money to develop alternative energy technology it is there it is just being pissed away by the fossil fuel consortium in a futile effort to maintain their grip on the energy production. Removing the oil depletion allowance and the tax break for exploration would go a long way toward financing the needed research and engineering.


To paraphrase Yosemite Sam, Republican’ts is stupid.


Good post. We subsidize our own destruction in effect. Ain’t we something?

Darwin never thought about survival of the least destructive.


I am sorry to say Mr. Moyers, it’s not just the republicans who have dragged this country down. Many members of the democratic party have taken to backing many of the things that the republicans are working toward. Instead of attempting to ban private and corporate cash from our elections, many democrats are doing their best to ingratiate themselves to moneyed elites, case in point Hillary Clinton and her many moneyed contacts on Wall St.! She also has other assets of the wealthy elite at her call. If you listen to the presstitutes at MSNBC, not only do they have her already defeating Senator Bernie Sanders, but they’ve gone beyond that and have elected her Queen of the United States! As for the people who are hoping that Senator Sanders is what Slick Oily wasn’t, ask yourself this. If Senator Sanders were to be elected, exactly what would he be able to do with two hostile parties holding sway in both the House and Senate. For a Bernie Sanders administration to be anywhere successful, the amerikan people would have to turn out just about all of the democrats currently residing in both the House and Senate and a good number of republicans and replace them with Social Democrats. What exactly are the chances of that happening in this capitalist society of ours. The sheep go to whosoever pulls the hardest on their nose rings!


Lol you snuck that in there for what reason? It’s okay to be intelligent you know.


Today’s 100% Corporate Democrats are the abortion pill for opposition to Republican policies. That’s why Wal Mart and Wall Street love Hillary. More right wing economic and military policies, with MUCH less opposition.


A pretty lively corpse it is, the GOP. In full and unchallenged charge of the national legislature, governing a heavy majority of the several states, and in possession of nearly unlimited funding and enjoying the fruits of the corporate ownership of the national propaganda organs.


You are used to politicians who get in and immediately cuddle up to big money oligarchy forgetting the people who voted for them. Sanders as the populist that he is, would take it to the people of the USA and use their support to effect change.

Members of Congress would have to face a populist backlash in the mid term elections and beyond. Besides there is more to the presidency than just dealing with Congress. There is nominating supreme court and federal judge ships, appointing agency heads and setting mandates and discretionary spending, budgetary decisions and the rest. The president’s microphone reaches everybody across state lines and international borders. You wouldn’t have these trade agreements subverting national environmental laws for example or overturning labor laws with Bernie.

You wouldn’t see him pimping two trillion in tax cuts for the rich like Bush/Cheney did.


So, who are you going to vote for?


You are absurd since you effectively offer support for the republicans. The game is set up that way. The right wing gets the default benefit of every non vote. Throwing away your vote to a can’t win token candidate is equally delusional. Lol yeah you are making a statement are you?

If you think your vote doesn’t count for much then that is a way to make sure that it counts for even less. The republicans applaud your pretend independent affiliation! Do you know why?
It is simple… You don’t vote for a dem. That’s all that matters to them. That is your statement…just as you’ve said. The republicans bless you!


I believe it is a line from an old movie, but it is appropriate of the the modern American conservative flunky, " some people just want to watch the world burn."
Let’s hope the last joke is on the Oligarchy that hired these numbskulls. If they destroy the world, where are the rich going to go?
Oh, who am I kidding? They probably already have their underground bunkers or orbital platforms ready to escape to. What? Do you think they just have all that money laying in a big pile on the dining room floor, just so they can roll around in it?
We are a bunch of delusional motherfuckers aren’t we? Many of us still beleive that there are enough good people around to save the idiots from themselves.
What a gas! Oh well, it’s been three million years. We had a good run. It’s time to drop the curtain on the failed evolutionary experiment that is Homo sapiens.


How about they just don’t care about a sixth extinction event. How about they just don’t care that life will be sheer misery for most the world while they moved to the cool northern zones?

How About they believe their own denial until they have no other choice? Imagine you are a middle eastern oil sheik would you suddenly stop pumping oil? No you wouldn’t.

They just don’t care. Meanwhile they convince themselves that they are not selfish ugly people who don’t care about the human race.


This article echoes Andy Schmookler’s book “what we are up against” esp. the references to similarities between current GOP and slave state Democrats in 1850’s leading to Civil War.

Except Andy attributes it to a force or spirit of darkness that can creep into society when defenses are weakened by crisis.

Well worth the time to read.

(my first post but not first visit here)