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The GOP Platform Draft: The Stuff Nightmares are Made Of


The GOP Platform Draft: The Stuff Nightmares are Made Of

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While negotiations over the Democratic platform were riddled with controversy over how far the party would go in its support of progressive climate and economic issues, the Republican platform, by contrast, takes a sharp rightward tack, particularly on social issues such as LGBTQ equality and reproductive rights.


Are the rich stupid for funding idiotic, destructive causes?


Just what we expect from the American Taliban Party(ATP). When they keep calling it the GOP I get confused with the New GOP Party holding their convention in Philadelphia a week later.

Perhaps the "platform draft" needs to have the name change from GOP to ATP made official ?


Bearing in mind that the party platforms do little in actual practice, there are some interesting items here:

(1) Both parties throw the Palestinians under the bus. No surprise there. AIPAC holds all of the cards on the politicians. Remember the Democrats also vowed cripple the BDS movement. Gotta keep AIPAC happy.

(2) The platforms have reversed sides on trade. The Democrats still love the job-killing, corporate-sellout TPP and NAFTA, while the Republicans want "better negotiated trade agreements that put America first." What? Not corporations first like the Democrats promised? Is this really the Republican Party that we love to bash?

(3) It looks like the Republicans are pandering to the hate that will end up wining them the election. Unfortunately, hate and bigotry, along with negative advertising, have always been part of a winning strategy.

Vote Democratic and get Willie Horton for President! (It worked before; it will work again.)


We will not let Hell nor High Water prevent us from..declaring and......the committee unanimously voted to include language that declares coal "an abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy resource"—..
With this policy - you will surely get both Hell & High Water.


I am surprised that the two-state solution has been abandoned in the platform because AIPAC supports it. The most orthodox Jews do support a one-state solution and apparently they now have a big influence in the Republican Party. This might have a lot to with Sheldon Adelson. I believe he supports a one-state solution. He may now control the Republican Party on this issue.


This is what FASCISM looks like !


Lrx, have you read the abysmal speech Clinton made to AIPAC? Just kidding reader, I'm no seriously asking him this question.


Booga Booga!
Run to Hillary!
Booga Booga!
Run to Hillary!
(aside) "Are they scared yet?"


The only advice I can give: Study that Republican platform. True, platforms aren't actual legislation, just ideas, but the platform will give some hints about the direction the US will take from here. We knew from the start that if Clinton were selected, a Republican would be elected. The Clinton record of solid support for the right wing agenda has been consistent, and dates as far back as the 1960s. At the least, older people (perhaps esp. those on the left) know why Clinton is the greatest threat to Social Security.

LGBTQ issues have virtually no impact on voting choices. Reproductive health care is very important, but doesn't top the list. Decades of research have confirmed that voting choices almost always come down to economic issues. America has a middle class problem (insecurity), but a very real poverty crisis. People voted for Obama as a last chance at seeing the Democrats' war on the poor brought to an end. It was worth a try. Liberals spent the years of this administration promoting middle class elitism while implicitly supporting the corporate philosophy. Democrats and liberals profoundly alienated the masses in the process.


As a matter of fact, yes, it does. That's not hyperbole. The US began quietly "re-educating" the public back in the Reagan 1980s. Bill Clinton implemented a solidly fascist socioeconomic agenda, and the liberal bourgeoisie said, "Cool."

The US is an economic entity, so it makes sense that our form of fascism would be class-based. We've actually stripped the poor of a list of fundamental civil and human rights, by reason of economic class -- and that is fascism, by definition. The middle class war on the poor has taken an extraordinary toll. Now we can only watch as the rich do to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor.


No, Americans are just oddly ignorant about this situation. You would need to know the history, as well as current conditions, of the Mideast. This starts with the basics. Israel is a tiny country, roughly the size of New Jersey. It is surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations, each of which is armed to the teeth by Russia, China, and the US. Israel is the historic and modern Jewish nation -- the sole Jewish nation. Palestinians are Arabs, some of which are Israeli Arabs, whose purpose is to help eradicate Israel, driving the Jews out of the Mideast and restoring a solid Moslem Mideast. Every Palestinian in Israel lives within easy travelling distance of an Arab nation. Much of the world does not support the eradication of Israel, much less the genocide of the Jewish people.

At the risk of shocking anyone, America is not at the center of the universe. The US has been a declining world power since the mid-1980s, while China has been a rising world power. At the least, think about the fact that the overall quality of life in the US went from #1 when Reagan was first elected, down to #43 by the time Obama was elected. This gives a clue to just how much the US has already sunk -- an empire in steep decline, and our opinions are no longer of interest to the international community.


On "stupid," how could we explain any liberal giving support to the Clinton right wing? The Clinton's new New Democrat Party (as Bill Clinton dubbed them) passed more right wing legislation than Republicans could have dreamed possible, from NAFTA/TPP to wiping out the Great Society and taking the first steps to end Social Security. The Clinton wing have been solidly, consistently, pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment. Yet our liberal media went into high gear to sell another Clinton, and by now, I much of the middle class fall for it. (Of course, there is little left of the middle class Democrats, but that's another discussion.)


They can easily get half of their platform from the Dems platform without changing a word.


Let's all get ourselves really scared and vote for the Other Republican Party, the one called 'the Democrats.' Then we'll feel good about voting for Permanent War, Drone Killings, Militarized Police, Austerity, Outsourcing of Jobs, etc.


Thanks for saying 'booga booga.'


About seventy-five years ago, I asked my Dad what GOP stood for.
* "Greedy Old Parasites", he answered.
* I've never seen anything to dispute that.


"Abandon ship! We're stinking!" :wink:


Are you kidding? The rich don't care about these issues, they don't really affect them. Abortion illegal in the US? Well Sweden is lovely this time of year. Feeling discriminated against? A trip to Paris will sort that all out. Just keep those tax breaks coming and the campaign donation is in the mail. Those social issues are just the smoke and mirrors used to placate their supporters. Their endorsing Trump is proof positive that they checked their scruples at the door.


It's like they want Clinton to win.

Sorry Establishment, I'm still not voting for her.

Sanderstein 2016!