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The GOP’s 100-Year War Is Bigger Than Taxes or Trump

The GOP’s 100-Year War Is Bigger Than Taxes or Trump

Richard Eskow

While the nation obsesses about Trump, he and his fellow Republicans are radically rewiring our political and economic order.

"They want to conquer and colonize the public economy, reducing government to an empty shell and turning its activities into profit centers for corporations whose power cannot be questioned." (Photo: Twitter/JJ Wyatt)

We need to kick these idiots out of the country.


From the article:

“But there is a long game to be played here, and it can’t be won by playing defensively.”

Eskow never says so explicitly, but I infer from his drumbeat of “Rs bad” that he equates “progressives” with “Democrats,” when nothing could be farther from the truth. Brand D is the party of pre-emptive capitulation in stealth service to the same class Brand R serves overtly.


I agree. Both parties are all about profits and money. Do you honestly think that dems thought that the tax plan was a bad idea? Nope- they barely fought against it.


Could not have said it better myself …

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Eskow is actually one of the more consistently harsh critics of the Ds around here.

I wouldn’t call his treatment of Ds in this article harsh, but he sure ain’t equating “progressives” with “Democrats.”


Those who voted for the GOPs and Trump would eventually learn the lesson or may be never. Because a large majority is ashtonishingly dumb.


I’d call it praising with faint damns.


Yes, they are dumb or not paying attention.

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I’d like the history books to say that this is when the return of govt to it’s proper and necessary limitations, and it’s never ending assaults on innocent citizens rights, began to take root.

If these people hate government so much- then why work for it? And why take the benefits and pensions as well? If they do not like government- they can do something else that is even more sleazy/

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What- do I detect sarcasm?

But there is a long game to be played here, and it can’t be won by playing defensively.

Tell it to the Democrats. One year of Trump with opportunity after opportunity to step forward and provide some real leadership in these troubled times and all we get from the Democrats is them showing up to vote no and even that isn’t always a sure thing, given the many right wing blue dog Ds in the party. In effect, there is NO opposition party left to build a long term plan. Voting D in 2018 may slow down the Republican assault, but it won’t stop it.


Nope. We need to “Fire” these corrupt politicians and put them in jail where they belong.

A massive “Citizens Arrest” sounds good to me.

Take them while they’re sleeping.

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This raises the question of how do Republican get so many votes. It can’t be these policies which hurt most people. They are certainly getting a lot of votes in more rural areas. The Democrats politically control almost every large city in the country. Trump got 80% of the Evangelical vote which is a clue to what is going on. I think the most important issue is immigration. The Democrats are not asking to reform immigration laws to keep out non-whites. And the Democrats seem willing to give the 11 million undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship rather than deporting them. And, there have been drastic demographic shifts during the last 15 or 20 years with a large influx of Latinos into many areas of the Midwest outside of the major cities. And on the radio there still the constant barrage of hate from people like Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. Even David Duke has some sort of radio broadcast. So the liberals are cast as the villains and for the more extreme right wingers, behind all of the hated liberalism is a Jewish conspiracy.

The problem is, about half the people are politically ignorant. They think the Republicans are on their side.

The mainstream media supports this myth to preserve the “two” party system.

A real democracy would have buried the Republicans long ago.


In a rough way, Eskow’s correct about his Republicans here, and certainly correct that the struggle of rich against poor is beyond matters of Donald Trump. Still, the glossing and shift of details creates a sort of R | D dichotomy that does not really work.

Eskow puts Republican struggle against social welfare at 1917; little of it came into play until FD Roosevelt. As of 1917, the most relevant comparisons are with Wilson’s war just ending in Europe, the false flag sinking of Lusitania, the jailing of Eugene Debs, and the relative involvement of both parties in the Red Scare of the 20s.

As he flashes to 2017, he leaves out an intervening century. To be fair, a listing of Republican actions through that time would support what he is saying fairly well. The trouble is that by bits and pieces from the 1970s and particularly from 1992 and forward, the Democratic record does not. Democrats in the FD Roosevelt tradition espoused a less sharply abusive sort of empire. But in recent decades, the party has systematically purged them from high office until now, by 2017, the Democrats are no longer identifiable as a party of labor or the poor, and not more so with Donald Trump in office.

The “rewiring” is going on, as it has been since 1980 under the various administrations and legislators.

The two major parties fail to provide an electoral option. What are we going to do about that?


Vote Green.

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Yeah, and take their lobbyists with them

The Republicans are on their side. The Republicans are supporting an authoritarian president. The Republicans are supporting a president who is a white supremacist. The Republicans are supporting a president who wants to build a wall along the entire border with Mexico and send the bill to the Mexicans and deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants. The Republicans basically are ignoring the Constitution and giving their supporters what they want.