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The GOP’s Anti-Elderly, Pro-Billionaire Agenda


The GOP’s Anti-Elderly, Pro-Billionaire Agenda

Richard Eskow

Few political advisers would suggest running on a platform of open hostility toward the elderly. Most families include an older person, after all, and everyone who lives long enough will become older themselves someday.

Seniors vote in greater numbers, too.

That may be why the GOP isn’t openly presenting itself as the anti-elderly party. But how else are we to interpret its deeds and actions? Its leading presidential candidates are pushing cuts to Social Security, while its congressional budgets would end Medicare as we know it.


NEVER vote for Republicans & their regressive ways!


When a republican speaks, it is essential to understand that he/she is speaking the plain truth. So, when Rubio says that Social Security is the best in the world, he means it. It is just that his understanding of “best” is the opposite of what non-republicans think of when they hear the word. So, because Social Security is the least of all developed countries, it is the “best” system among developed countries. We can make it even better if we eliminate it altogether. When it is gone, it will be the best system in the entire world.

It is not just the use of language, but the perverse underpinnings of a republican’s inner nature that twists simple meanings out of shape. So, while ordinary folk might think it to be bad that we will starve and die in droves when republicans finally have their way, republicans think that because the poor deserve their poverty, and thus their deaths are “just”, starving and dying in droves is justice, and thus a positive good.

Republicans are a stain, the political representation of all that is the absolute worst that humanity has had to offer throughout history. The main difference between modern republicans and brutal despots of old (and new) is that they lack the true courage of their convictions. They can’t just say “Why don’t you just fuckin’ die already.” Thus, their obfuscating language to mask their true inhumanity. They prefer that we not die in open-air camps, but quietly in dark hovels away from view. We must die politely. The main difference these days between republicans and many democrats is that the dems just want the money. The republicans want to kill us.


Yet the old white zombies shuffling toward Fox’s graveyard of elephants will still pull the lever they’re told, even if it costs them their limbs and half-lives.