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The GOP’s Kavanaugh Playbook Was Textbook Abusive Behavior


The GOP’s Kavanaugh Playbook Was Textbook Abusive Behavior

Anny Martinez

Shortly before he became a Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh made two things clear: He likes beer. And he’s a self-righteous beneficiary of presumption of innocence.

Indeed, Kavanaugh was provided a considerable benefit of the doubt for a man credibly accused of a horrible crime. In an ordinary job interview, much less one for a lifetime appointment to Supreme Court, most people couldn’t count on the same.


There’s so much to say.

First of all, the Repug men on the Judiciary Committee and other Repugs like the oozing McConnell and Collins know g**damn well that they’re all lying. The DARVO noise is a bludgeon to use anger to back everyone off. The Repug goal was to ram through process and doubt, in unquestioned lockstep in order to put their boy onto the Court. IMO, they would have driven a juggernaut to ram thru any of the potential nominees because that kind of partisan corruption is what the sociopathic McConnell is all about.

Plus, like true pod people and cultists, the Repugs have their heads so far up Dump’s ass, they’ve lost every bit of whatever sense of themselves they had. Yes, many have been closet fascists or Nazis for years, and now they’ve emerged. Thank you, Donnie. The rest have no spine and no more conscience. Thank their moms and dads for the foundations lain in early childhood.

Yes, Kavanaugh was playing DARVO, something all partners of cheaters know very well. Make even the thinnest question or accusation that he’s cheating and what do the majority react like? They explode, gaslight, reverse blame, and back the accuser off.

But that’s not all Kavanaugh did. In his rush to fulfill deals made and give his drunk ego the highest stroke possible, he also showed himself to be like a classic abuser. How many people caught that on that Thursday, Sept 27? Check out the Domestic Violence Cycle. Liken the Committee, especially the Repugs, to a somewhat docile partner. 1-Kavanaugh was sweetness and light, albeit braggadocio and coy subterfuge in round one. 2-Then he left the JC and tension built up in him for several reasons for days. 3- After Ford’s testimony on Thursday, he came into the hearing exploding with rage and abuse and paranoid lies. 4-Spent, he retreated and contrition set in. 5-He tried to make nice and semi-apologized and made excuses via the WSJ article. 6-He made promises not to do that again. 7-He then entered the honeymoon phase, sweetness and light. I can’t say WHAT his next explosion will be, but I’m betting it happens. Maybe his wife or parents should have been questioned by those so-called FBI investigators operating at the behest of the so-called president. (I know…wives don’t have to say anything against their husbands.)

This so-called judge is dangerous for lots of reasons. His partisan partiality and presidential immunity crap are just two facets of his danger.


All this mess makes me consider joined the derpublicans. attend their conventions and all that and openly advocate legalizing child abuse, domestic violence, repealing women’s right to vote and all that. If you can’t beat them, then join them? Where’s my Brown Shirt?

These derpublicans do not inspire me to be a good person. There is nothing admirable or honorable about derpublicans. I’m all for pushing them to be even worse.


It’s a club, Kavanaugh just renewed and upgraded his membership (into the Supreme Court).

What a tangled web:

"Brett Kavanaugh may yet have to answer tough questions about his own finances — including a down payment on a million-dollar house, and how he paid credit card and other debts: He refused to disclose the source of those funds that came from “within the family” soon after his father received several million dollars from the companies sued in the talc-cancer cases.

Coy if not evasive about legal opinions

Ed Kavanaugh once hired John Roberts, now the Chief Justice, to fight regulations on the industry that Ed represented for most of his adult life — an industry that made him wealthy, and a fixture on Washington’s social scene as a member of the exclusive Congressional and Burning Tree country clubs, where he helped his son Brett connect with rich and powerful patrons who helped him reach the top.

It’s no exaggeration that stuff like baby powder has smoothed Brett Kavanaugh’s slide into a seat on the highest court in the land."


If the US public knew enough about human psychology, they would have recognized this set of behaviors immediately. We need to make this part of every child’s and adult’s education–first, to give people the resources they need to be able to avoid assaults and other trials. The US needs to begin to understand the reasons for all the destructive actions it’s taking.


New drinking game, btw: Every time anyone says the name of a drink or beverage in a Senate hearing, everyone has to drink that beverage. I counted 7 times in about 2 minutes with the Kav-man–a tough course but appropriate to the situation.


I watched a speech and idly clinked on a link in the sidebar, in which an ex-CIA woman tells you how to spot a liar. I watched it out of curiosity, wanting a tip or two on what the “tells” are. But wow! Did it make me think of the Kavanaugh hearing. One of the biggest signs is when the person questioned becomes aggressive and either turns the question on the questioner or blames some third party. Did we see that behavior? Another is evading the question and going on about something else; another is talking about what a good person they are rather than answering the question directly, and bringing in religion is yet another. One of the keys was certain body language or other tells within 5 seconds of the question being asked–I’d have to watch it again to see whether that was the case (and might not be able to tell, for example a foot jiggling wouldn’t be visible). But all the above seem pretty conclusive. By the standards of that expert’s tips, he rates Pants on Fire.