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The GOP’s Latest Health-care Plan Is Comically Bad


The GOP’s Latest Health-care Plan Is Comically Bad

Eugene Robinson

House Republicans are apparently ready for yet another attempt to snatch health insurance away from constituents who need it. Someone should remind Speaker Paul Ryan of a saying often attributed to his legendary predecessor Sam Rayburn: “There’s no education in the second kick of the mule.”


Another example of transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1% under the guise of draining the swamp ?


maybe its time to swamp the drumph


Recall that Ryan said that if AHCA didn't pass, that'd be bad because "there's no Plan B."
OF COURSE there isn't a Plan B. They could barely be bothered to come up with their treacherous Plan A.
Perfectly willing to throw 24,000,000 Americans off of their health insurance.
Sheer fraud and cruelty (but lots of flag-pinned lapels).


I'll admit to not seeing this coming: The window for single payer is opening.

Thank he ever-inept Clown Prince Trump and his band of clueless DC Republicans.
Thank the persistently on-message Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

If the grass roots ever had a golden opportunity to agitate for a big prize, this is it. Call your rep, Red or Blue, patiently wait to speak to an actual human, and actively demand Medicare-for-All (HR 676)!


The flag pinned lapels are there for the security forces so they know who to protect.(Plus they look patriotic.) If the voters don't see what is a systematic destruction of all the social institutions required of governance then there's nothing left to do but lament what could have been before the vultures of the neocon, neoliberal institutions were unleashed starting in the 1970's. Unions were busted, deficit spending increased dramatically, taxes were shifted from the big businesses to the private citizens, endless wars in the Mid East were started, in 1991, financial institutions were allowed to feast on the citizenry, regulations were relaxed in certain sectors, etc. The administrations don't really matter much as long as long as the capitalists are allowed to rape and plunder Earth and her peoples. This is the picture of how bad things have become and they want to take what little is left, away. I'm not sure how to stop this monster except to let it collapse like all the empires before it.


Indeed so. Just trying to figure out how to survive the increasingly likely collapse.


This is Eugene Robinson's take, opinion, on the subject. And no doubt many here on Common Dreams agree with him. I would also like to see the take, informed opinion, of someone from the Cato Institute.

I see a breathtaking amount of naivety on display.
-- That WashDC must dictate to the states what government-regulated-provided healthcare must provide, except that California or Vermont have the right to "go further and faster" towards the goal. No respect for Justice Louis Brandeis' statement that the 'States are the laboratories of democracy.'
-- That the mass of people are ignorant racists who have to be led guided and regulated by their progressive betters,
-- That talented people who go into business, for themselves or in corporations are selfish, self-centered and evil.
-- That progressives (like Maduro in Venezuela) can be put in charge of government and produce better results for society than any other human arrangement.
* Forgetting James Madison's remark that men are not angels, and such an ideal government isn't possible in our world.


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