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The GOP’s Love Affair With Its “Earthquake in a Box”


The GOP’s Love Affair With Its “Earthquake in a Box”

Michael Winship

Republicans, we know what you’re going through.

Many of us have been in this kind of relationship before: You meet someone new and he or she seems different, exciting, rebellious, maybe even a little dangerous. You get involved. Your friends say, “What do you see in him/her?” And you reply, “Oh, you just don’t know him/her like I do.”

But as the weeks and months go by, you start to realize he/she isn’t just a little dangerous. He/she is a menace. Time to re-evaluate.


If Trump is the "GOP's earthquake in a box", Clinton is the Democrats' deadly pathogen in a box.

Trump's sociopathic behavior will be loud while Clinton's will knock you down before you know what hit you.


This is all true of course. I feel the same way about Clinton and her DNC. She's manic, domineering, is prone to lies and criminal behavior, and is a known neocon war hawk. This list is long but she is the Democrat's Trump. She is powerful, entrenched, and will be able to do a lot of damage to the world and to us before Trump could get to know the White House. She is the wicked witch of the west on steroids. He's a wild fool but she has a vicious agenda for world domination. The devil you know against the devil you don't know.
The two parties have outdone themselves with this, possibly final, election. They have insulted the American people on both side of the isle and thumbed their noses at Democracy. They, like their candidates aren't worth a dime and the sooner they are broken up the better this country will be.


Very true.


The GOP never did find that alternative to Trump. Mr Right never showed up. Even now the Dump Trump movement still has no alternative. Somehow the GOP ran out of credible candidates. Jeb fell flat. Marco wasn't ready. Ted might even be more disliked than Trump. Christe never did get traction. Scott Walker proved he wasn't ready for prime time. Lindsey Graham got stuck at zero in the polls. Whatever Santorum had four years ago was gone. Huckabee also had nothing this time around. Carly had one good day. Ben Carson took off and then quickly fizzled. And Rand Paul was not Ron Paul. So Trump with his wall and Muslim ban was the last one standing and the GOP is stuck with him unless the Dump Trump gang can pull off the impossible at the convention.


No, they're just reusing some old box they found.
I think it said Pandora on the side


Does Winship REALLY think that Ford, GE, JP Morgan Chase and other corporations boycotting the GOP Convention is A BAD THING ?

Trump could draw in one hell of a lot more swing voters if he emphasizes the corporate boycott.


I do wish the GOP will find some legitimate (sounding) reason to replace Trump with a more mainline, electable stiff. That way the DNC/DLC/ClintonMafia will realize their kamikaze candidate (sent in to throw the Rep. ticket, and destroy the fundraising chain for downticket Republicans) has been deflected and Hillary is, once again, unelectable in normal status quo circumstances, at which point they would have to bring Bernie out of consolation :smile:


I might wear a baseball cap, too, if every day was a bad hair day.