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The GOP’s Most Successful Scam Is About to Reboot Itself


The GOP’s Most Successful Scam Is About to Reboot Itself

Thom Hartmann

Get ready to see it on your TV. The GOP is about to kick back into Two Santa Clauses mode and restart the scam they’ve been running since Reagan.

It’ll predictably begin in the first week or two of January, probably first on “Meet the Press” and other Sunday shows that feature “serious thinkers” and only rarely challenge Republicans. It’ll simultaneously roll out on Fox, on right-wing hate radio, and in the conservative media.


The Democratic Party became complicit is this scam when they formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985.

Their first act of complicity was what Democrats continue to brag was “bipartisan 1986 tax reform”, the most regressive tax code revisions in history (at least until Trump’s December 2017 tax cuts).

Although Reagan increased the number of government employees to its highest number ever and ran up more debt in 8 years than all of the combined debt of his 39 predecessors during the previous two centuries, both Democrats and Republicans continue to praise him as the king of small government and fiscal responsibility. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both praised Reagan and compared themselves to him more than they did for any other POTUS.

Pelosi promoting pay-go this week is launching the latest chapter of the Democratic Party being complicit.


Until and unless the Dems seriously take on U.S. imperialism and the massive military that keeps growing the empire (along with other National Security State agencies, foreign puppets and mercenaries) all of this lip-flapping about the fascist Rethugs is a distraction.

Morality dictates that an empire can never be democratic or progressive.

Basic accounting shows that imperial spending = domestic austerity.


As with so many other iniquities, the fact that Democratic “leadership” remain silent about this (while often actively colluding) tells you all you need to know about the true meaning of “bipartisanship”, don’t it just?


The worst part about having the Republicans in charge is that we’re all supposed to run to the Democrats for help.

That’s like trying to escape from Jack the Ripper by hiding in Son of Sam’s apartment.


“They (GOP) HELD power for 40 years” ?

“THEY” continue to HOLD power with enough Senate seats to complete stack the federal judiciary that will enable the 1% to spend their piles of money (that they should be paying in taxes) to take any legislation (that they don’t like) to court with 100% assurance that the judges they installed will overturn it.


I think people are going to find out rather soon that debt does matter. But if you see any republican talking about fixing the debt give them the finger and walk away----no republican anywhere has any right to talk about fiscal responsibility.

So lets cut the military—lets get rid of the Dept of Homeland Security(just don’t fund it). I would also argue roads should be done at a state level—I do live in a state that funds road repair unlike south east states that seem to think other states should pay for everything.Recent reporting on bridges in the southeast was mind blowing how these states function.


Yep. The Republicans keep setting the bear-trap right in the middle on the road, and the Democrats keep stepping into it.

Think Charlie Brown and the football.


Now this beats any of our Charlie Brown comparisons. It’s much more realistic.