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The GOP’s Power Grabs Are a Measure of Political Despair Produced by the 2018 Election Clobbering


The GOP’s Power Grabs Are a Measure of Political Despair Produced by the 2018 Election Clobbering

Steven Rosenfeld

As the dust refuses to settle from the 2018 midterms, there are stubborn reminders that there really are two Americas when it comes to voting and elections.

This week, Republican-majority legislatures in Michigan and Wisconsin—both created by GOP-led extreme gerrymanders in 2011—are trying to rush through legislation to strip power from Democratic statewide winners of executive branch offices in November.


The electorate must maintain vigilance against the hydra-GOP monster that lives underground. It is not enough for only a few to participate in the requisite “whack-a-mole” exercises that rise to the public’s attention from time to time. All hands are needed on deck at all times. Don’t just whack the moles. Take them out and put them in cages. Go Mueller!


I have an idea. Get more Dems elected and reverse the extreme Draconian measures initiated by the Repukes.


The Republican aim seems to be to establish permanent minority control over the majority. The pary’s base is no longer economic conservatives who believe in democracy but white supremacists and extreme evangelicals who put their own agendas above democracy. And this lurch to the extreme right wing is backed financially by billionaires such as the Koch brothers, the Mercers, and the Walton family. When they don’t win elections through hate and fear they rig the system in their favor before they lose power such as they did in North Carolina and now in a couple of Midwestern states. Basically we now have a major political party that is moving toward fascism and is being led by a president who is aiming to become a dictator. This is playing well in rural America as the red and blue maps clearly show and the question is whether the folks who live in metropolitan areas of this country and who are the majority of Americans can stop this.


“half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it”

So there you have it, anyone out there still think we live in any resemblance of a democracy ?
Does anyone out there think the dem party is up to that challenge ?


Half the Republicans ( 50% ); if all of them voted, they couldn’t elect a national dogcatcher, unless they got a lot of help from non-affiliated voters and the unknown financial wherewithal to make and distribute their propaganda. I call it propaganda because, as you can see from their collective behavior around the country upon losing power, their actions tell us they are beyond sore losers.
First, they are white, privileged, poorly educated fascists, and mostly male. We know them as gun-toting bullies and law-breaking vigilantes for racism, misogyny and for mostly being religiously intolerant brainwashed creeps.
The current Republicans exhibit the characteristics of police state knuckleheads and paid goons in suits. That’s their projected persona to the world, which is slipping slowly away from their hidebound control. As their acts become those more associated, and aligned, with sideshow freaks from The House of Horrors, they’ll want to start a cataclysmic bar room brawl, so to speak.
If it’s a fight they’re looking for, it’s a fight they’ll get.


Only the republicans would use dirty tricks like this to negate the will of the people after an election.
The Vichy democrat party only does that kinda sh!t during the primaries


I certainly can’t dispute anything you’re written, but I would add to you’re “elected” list with vote manipulation (and I believe it’s much more prevalent than we think), with out that manipulation, there would be far fewer repug’s. As far as the fight, I hope you’re right, I’m all in, but it sometimes feels like I’m standing by myself.


Problem is the gerrymandering. And the republicans have had control of the senate and lower assembly for many years. They are like a burrowed in tick.