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The GOP’s Trojan Horse on Health Care Repeal


The GOP’s Trojan Horse on Health Care Repeal

Julie Chinitz

On Tuesday, 50 Republican senators showed contempt for their constituents by voting to move forward on repealing our health care, with Vice President Mike Pence stepping in to break the tie.

Nine GOP senators later broke ranks in a late-night session to vote down the Senate’s toxic version of the bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) – which would have rolled back much of the Affordable Care Act and gutted Medicaid, ending coverage for 23 million – but there are more votes to come, including one that may simply repeal care and and strip coverage from 32 million.


There is a thread running through this debate that is interesting. Rand Paul spoke on the Senate floor today about the dignity of work----and if people don’t work they shouldn’t get healthcare.McCain spoke on the Senate floor yesterday about those bad people on the internet speaking out. And the VP had a word for the protesters in the gallery. A few weeks ago the NYT had a commentary on how bad these arm chair pundits siting at home are a disservice to our country.----Don’t speak out—go get a job-maybe two or three jobs and just shut up. Be good slaves.

This fight for single payer is more important than healthcare-----it will put a stake in the heart of this evil corrupt military police state-----will it kill it -NO-we need a real debate about all the money that goes to the military------but this will be a major step in the right direction.

Why do we have to work for dignity—how about volunteering to do things in our local community,how about educating ourselves on what’s really happening in the world to make real change for a better world,or just staying at home raising kids or taking care of elders—creating a wholesome loving environment. And how about making it a goal to create jobs with meaning???


We need tactics that will hurt them not only politically but financially: General Strikes and non cooperation.


It always irks me when even the most ostensibly progressive democrats call out proudly for more jobs and employment within this hyperconsumptive planet-raping system, as if the existence of humans without a wage, profession, or growth-based personal paradaigm is just pointless. We truly need to rethink every aspect of existence in what is known as this civilization.