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The GOP Still Doesn’t Get It on Iraq


The GOP Still Doesn’t Get It on Iraq

Katrina vanden Heuvel

During a friendly interview on Fox News, a Republican presidential hopeful from Florida was asked a simple question: Was it a mistake to go to war in Iraq?

“No, I don’t believe it was. The world is a better place because Saddam Hussein doesn’t run Iraq,” he said, adding, “Hindsight is always 20/20, but we don’t know what the world would look like if Saddam Hussein was still there.”


They get it it’s called war profits.


“But the Iraq war was a failure of more than intelligence, blah, blah, blah.” No, Katrina, that war had nothing to do with a “failure of intelligence,” but had everything to do with an administration bent on war from get-go. That attitude preceded any sort of intelligence gathering–which was built around justifying war, not finding out the facts.


The US is not “policing” the world–that is a false narrative provided by a nation set on expanding capitalism and creating what has been termed a ‘democratic peace,’ where democratic nations trade freely among themselves and neoliberalism prevails. The Cold War was a battle between two economic systems–each labeling the other as evil. “Policing” the world is a euphemism for trying desperately to prevent socialism or communism from taking root, and threatening the capitalist empire that the US and other western nations had worked so hard to establish through colonialism and imperialism. Politicians who still cling to that antiquated world view will only perpetuate the suffering humanity has endured for the past 5 centuries.


“The problem is always weakness, and strength is always the solution.”

This is an interesting statement since it goes to the core of patriarchy–this idea that shows of violent aggression are what strength is all about; and it is precisely this misconception, popularized through CIA-funded films, TV police shows, and actual “gun 'em down” domestic policing forces that acts on this conflation between macho penis posturing and so-called strength.

Strength has to mean something other than phallic peacock contests whose show of plumage comes down to direct aggression or the explosive force of lots of firepower.

From the article:

“Republicans have not confronted the failure of a worldview that sees military adventurism as the solution to our problems abroad.”

Nor is it any accident that many Republicans/conservatives are Christian Fundamentalists who also want to see women’s status reduced to barefoot and pregnant.

It’s all about macho.

It’s all about male power.

It’s all about strength conveyed through male power… extended into guns.

The comedian George Carlan, writer-researcher Helen Caldicott, and yours truly have all given voice to how closely weapons systems reflect shows of massive ejaculatory force: bullets, torpedoes, missiles, rockets, drones…

Many men have lost the capacity to love and protect and take CARE of. They are too fiercely identified with this twisted concept of what strength itself means!


The USA has never, ever “got it” when it comes to foreign policy, from 1812 onwards.

Unlike the Chinese who are doing a damn good job of building their future commercial empire.They remind me of how the British East India Company started out in the early 1600s.


“What we should be debating in 2016 is how much the U.S. commitment to
police the world detracts from dealing with the real security needs of
its people and the globe.”

If USAian policing in the USA is anything to go by, I would rather that the USA refrained from its moral duty to police the world. We British did it better; at least we built railways. and taught people how to play cricket.


I know and understand the controversy over the right-wing reactionaries’ (mainly the Republican Party) attempt to revise history even while most of the adult population remembers quite well the year 2003–but please please everyone, whenever you bring up any discussion of Jeb Bush mention Terry Schiavo! The Iraq question is for him a hypothetical, but the Schiavo case is actually something that he did–as governor of Florida in 1995–google it, look it up–I hope it is brought up again and again in this campaign season.


So, Katrina - the GOP doesn’t “get it” but the Dems do, huh? So obviously we should vote Dem - sheeeesh …
Look, you have been doing the LOTE thing for ages - that’s why I cancelled my subscription to the Nation ages ago …


Katrina your mealy mouthed bullshit is absolutely sickening. Your accounting amounts to tacit support of war crimes. Somehow you still haven’t figured out that the invasion of Iraq was accomplished through systematic manipulation of the “intelligence” to fit the already decided upon policy.

I get so sick of these so-called “progressives”, and especially ones who influence millions with such obfuscation that ultimately is in service to war criminals.