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The GOP Tax Bill Assaults the Planet as Well as the Poor


The GOP Tax Bill Assaults the Planet as Well as the Poor

Basav Sen

It kills the modest credits for wind, solar, and electric cars, while preserving much larger ones for fossil fuels.

"Not content with changing the tax code to benefit oligarchs, Senate leadership sneaked in a provision to open up the pristine, ecologically sensitive Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, purportedly to get some revenue (about $1 billion over 10 years) to offset a wee bit of the $1.5 trillion shortfall created by the massive tax giveaways to the fabulously rich."


I still do not understand this, and they are not even hiding their intentions. Well known fact- anyone who has the intention of destroying has a mental disorder.


This indeed may go down as the biggest crime yet, against Americans, this century and we’ve already had 3 doozies. For those not paying attention: The dot.com bubble collapse, the attacks of September 11, '01, and the financial coup of '08. Besides the vast majority of Americans losing Earth looses also in that they want to drill the pristine arctic to put more toxins from drilling and spills, CO2 from burning extracts back into the atmosphere and finally the sea level rise due to temp increases. This tax scam/travesty may sound good to the poor at first glance but it’s harmful in so many ways not even clear yet as no one has had time to go over the bill’s 500+ pages. Problem is there’s no way to fight back. Even if all those assholes are replaced in '18 elections, and they all won’t fall, the damage will have already be done and implemented. We’re losing the war and most of the battles and have little recourse or resources left in which to fight and save ourselves. I wish I knew what to do next, I really do.


Do not lose heart for this too shall pass although maybe our children will be the ones to see a return to sanity. That does however depend on having an atmosphere that we can breath.


Remember, the uber-wealthy have a game they play called, “He who dies with the most toys wins.”
*As the world finally becomes uninhabitable, there will be one multi-trillionaire screaming with his final breaths, “I win! I win! I’ve got it all, now!”
*Game over.


When colonization really got under way, in 1490s, the strangulation of Christianity by the Roman emperor Constantine already had the imprimatur of empire stamped through most legitimate spiritual elements of the “faith”. I continue to post links to the Papal Bulls of the era because when you read through them, you see the method for scurrilous religious hegemony and replacement of a legitimate deity with the fallen aspects of the demi-urge. The latter fully suffuse predatory capitalism cum “The West” and tadaa… exhibit all of the de-humanization by narcissistic metrics in the Doctrine of Discovery. (indigenous peoples are to either succumb to the high and mighty church, hand over their lands (otherwise known literally as no man’s land (terra nullius). And, last but not least, in US law in the SCOTUS case Johnson v. McIntosh with such travesties still impacting not just land rights of Native Americans (north and south) but profoundly tainting the history of society in the US.

This plethora of deluded institutionalized notions devoid of sustainable methodologies and dependent on murder because - quite frankly - it mistakes itself for ‘god’ (no wonder there have to be countless examples of being “an angry” [read: humans frustrated?] god that will kill and keep you forever in the dark shadow of his anger.

Fortunately the demiurge still remains identifiable and real human spirituality evidences a loving god.

So - in any case… OF COURSE the demiurgic predatory capital sitting in the offal office is incapable of recognizing both those it has impoverished and the planet it has plundered totally oblivious to all of the interconnections aggregating at exponential rates and full fledged gnawing on its shins, its heels being long gone.